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Western Union has a rich history in the banking sphere, with over two centuries backing its name and reputation. Although it isn’t often used as a casino payment method, it can be a great alternative to traditional banking options.

Western Union Casinos

Finding the right way to make casino payments online is a personal issue, and Western Union online casinos might just be the thing you need. Continue for an overview of Western Union gambling payments and the best operators that support it.

How Western Union Online Casinos Work

Western Union payments can be done in various ways. Traditionally, people went to retail locations to manage their transfers. This is still an option today, but most casino players use the Western Union website or app to fund their online casino accounts.

Before you continue with any of the three options, you should register with an operator from this page. They are all safe and secure, with high ratings from our experts.

Then, you’ll need to use one of the three Western Union payment routes highlighted above. As soon as the payment is completed, you will receive an MTCN – which is a unique tracking code for WU payments.

Afterward, you’ll need to contact the casino support team and source them with the tracking code. Soon after, the money should appear in your account.

Western Union casino withdrawals work in a similar manner but in a reverse way. To cash out, you should contact the casino support team and inform them about your interest to withdraw via the Western Union online casino method. The team will email you with the tracking number for the payment, and you can validate it on the app or in person at Western Union retail stores. The money will appear in your account soon after.

Pros and Cons of Western Union Online Casinos

Western Union is by no means the most convenient option to use at online gambling sites. You need a third-party account and sharing of tracking codes to submit and confirm payments. Deposits and withdrawals can take days to be posted, similar to Wire Transfer casino payments.

The main reason to use this banking method is because of the security it promises and the lack of fees. We do not want to discourage you from making Western Union casino payments, but we feel it’s important to inform you about its drawbacks.


  • Great security from a reputable business.
  • Take advantage of highly affordable fees.
  • Many casinos negotiate special arrangements with Western Union to receive discounts for deposits.
  • Rewards program available to lower fees on deposits.


  • Processing of deposits sometimes takes days to post, similar to how wire transfers take time.
  • Limited handful of options available in terms of major operators that accept Western Union.
  • You can’t withdraw with the same method in most cases due to high withdrawal fees.

What to Consider with Western Union Casinos

Compared to other payment options, Western Union doesn’t see as much widespread use. For gamblers who don’t wish to keep an e-wallet or use their credit card, it makes sense to consider Western Union.

In some cases, the casino will let you deposit with Western Union, but they won’t give an option for withdrawing with Western Union. What do you do in that case? Just check out the withdrawal methods ahead of time to see that they offer a withdrawal method that you can use. For example, many will let you deposit with Western Union, and you make a withdrawal using either Neteller or Skrill.

To make a withdrawal using Western Union, the casino gives you an MTCN verification that you will use to collect the cash from a nearby agent location. Besides receiving money after the fact, you can head to your nearby agent location to make a deposit. It works both ways, and Western Union’s ubiquitous presence makes it easy to make a deposit.

Western Union vs. Bitcoin Casinos

Maybe you have even heard of Bitcoin Casinos and wondered how it would compare to a Western Union Casino. They share one similarity in that they both offer safe transactions, but that’s where their similarities end. Neither is better than the other, but one may serve you better than the other.

First, Bitcoin Casinos do away with fees for your withdrawals and deposits. Western Union, on the other hand, will apply fees.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin can prove risky in that its high volatility can make your account value drop overnight. You could make a deposit thinking you have money in your account, and some risk exists that it could drop badly. Western Union doesn’t work in the same way, and a safe and secure financial institution controls it guaranteeing your money.

If you want instant transactions, Western Union wouldn’t make sense because it can take days for your money to clear. Bitcoin Casinos, on the other hand, offer instant transactions, and your deposit will enter your account as soon as you request it. Withdrawals happen with the same speed as deposits.

Can I Still Claim My Bonuses with Western Union?

Western Union Casinos work the same as a normal online casino in that you can claim your bonus. Just enter the appropriate promotion code and follow the terms and conditions of your welcome bonus. Western Union lets you transfer $5,000 every 3 days, which will make it easy to take advantage of the most lucrative bonus offers.

Because Western Union works the same as other deposit methods, you shouldn’t experience issues when you go to claim your welcome bonus.


Our team has sourced you with the highest-rated Western Union online casinos in Australia. You can join and make deposits on these to receive hefty bonuses and play the best casino games available worldwide.

There are quite a few specifics to remember when making Western Union gambling payments, but we have done our best to clearly outline these here. Take your pick and get started. Alternatively, you can consider other Australian casino payment systems like Skrill, Bitcoin, and MasterCard online casinos.

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