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Keno is one of the most popular online gambling games out there. If a country is known for enjoying the lottery, you can bet there are gamblers there who enjoy playing Keno too. So, what is it about this game? Why is it considered one of the best lottery games in the world?

Online keno

That’s what we’re here to explain today. This guide on online Keno for real money will help you understand the rules on how to play keno. We’ll also talk about online casinos where you can enjoy the game and the types of Keno payouts you can expect. Let’s get started.

What is Keno?

Keno is similar to casino games like lottery and bingo. It follows the same principle while having a slightly different set of rules. 20 numbers are selected at random in Keno. These are the 20 numbers that you have to match. Depending on how many numbers you get right, the payout will come accordingly.

What is Keno

The 20 numbers are usually picked from 1 and 80. This is completely done at random. At online casino games where you can play keno for real money, there is an RNG that does the selection of the numbers. This ensures that no specific number has a better odds of winning. It also ensures fairness in the game.

How to Play Keno Online

One of the best features of Keno is that there is no learning curve involved at all. Since this is a game of pure chance, even a novice can get right into it. That being said, it’s good to be aware of the system of playing this game. Let’s see those now.

Select an Online Casino

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to select an online casino where you want to play keno with real money. If you have no idea where to start with this, look for a casino that has a welcome bonus focused on Keno. That’s always a good start for beginners.

Choose Your Numbers

Depending on the operator, the number of numbers you can choose will vary. But generally, it’s anywhere from 15-20 numbers. Picking more numbers isn’t always the wisest decision. But if you manage to guess correctly, expect a huge payout.

Decide the Betting Amount

When you play Keno online, you will be required to place bets on every draw. This can be done by adjusting the bet value from the online keno interface.

Select the Number of Games to Play

You can choose to play multiple games per draw. Similar to the lottery, consider this another entry into the final draw for Keno. So, if you bet $2 on your numbers for 3 games, you will be playing for $6 total.

Match the Winning Numbers

When the draw is made by the casino, match them with your chosen numbers. You will receive a payout depending on the numbers you got right. You can always check how much you won based on the paytable.

Choosing the Best Keno Sites for Playing Online

Now that you know what the game of Keno is all about, you must be wondering if we have some recommendations for you. Why yes, we do. But more importantly, we have some things to share with you that will help you choose the best Keno sites for your needs.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of the casino you choose has the utmost importance. You want the casino to be licensed and also to be trustworthy. If the casino is unlicensed in the first place, you can forget about it being trustworthy. That’s why always make sure to see whether the casino has a valid license or not.

Banking Options

Having support for popular payment methods is a must to have. And it’s not just for Keno players. No matter what you play at the casino, you should always be looking for payment methods that are convenient to you. You should also check to see how long it takes to withdraw as having a long withdrawal time is not desired at all.

Game Collection

One of the best things about online Keno is the variation that online casinos provide. There can be different themes as well as different paytables. Aside from that, you can also look for other games such as the classics, or live dealer variants. So, when looking for a casino to play Keno in, keep this in mind.


We could’ve left this part out and still, you would have looked for this in a casino regardless. Bonuses are one of the reasons casinos actually get players. As a Keno player yourself, you should always look for bonuses on Keno games. That will make your playing experience completely different.

Bonuses in Australian online casinos

Tips for Playing Online Keno

As we said before, online Keno is a game of chance. So there is no skill involved here whatsoever. It’s also one of the reasons why there are so many players in the game. Even then, here are some tips we can provide you that will make your playing experience better.

Keep Your Picks Consistent

No number has an edge over another number in Keno. That’s why this game doesn’t have any skills required. But you can try keeping your number picks constant. Sometimes you can try mixing things up a bit. But for the most part, stay consistent.

Use the most out of your bonuses

Using bonuses to your advantage is the smartest move you can make when it comes to Keno. So, check what bonuses the casino’s offering and use it for the absolute advantage.

Manage Your Bankroll

You want to keep a good look on your bankroll at all times. It’s understandable that gambling is addictive and you can get to the point of being overconfident and spending your money carelessly. But managing your bankroll saves you from losses and keeps you alive for another day.

Wrapping up

And with that, you’re good to go. You should now be equipped with the knowledge of Keno and how to play it. There’s nothing to it really which you’ll know if you’ve read our guide so far. So, what are you waiting for? Register at online casinos and play now.

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