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If you are a new person in the world of casinos, then it’s normal to get confused in many casino terms or even get overwhelmed. Please take it easy. It would be great if you did not stress over it because we are here to help you and explain to you some gambling terminologies that will let you understand some casino bonuses and other things.

There is a number of good reasons why you should know well about what each betting term means. First of all, if you are gambling for real money, which is the usual point of gambling, the stakes will be higher than usual, and knowing the conditions surrounding you is fundamental.

Different online casinos offer many unlike types of bonuses, and sometimes these understated differences can lead to pointless confusion and misunderstanding. Therefore, we have prepared some points to help you clear up any possible confusion before you actually make a match deposit.

One of the best offers you will cross tracks within online casinos is the match deposit bonuses formed to boost your bankroll and flavor up your gaming routine. A match deposit bonus is similar to a standard welcome bonus, but it comes with a turn.

What is a Match deposit bonus?

We know you think that, why is this bonus called match deposit bonus? The answer is straightforward and can be found out from the name of the bonus itself. Still, we will explain it to you. This special bonus is called a match deposit bonus because the casino operator who will offer this bonus will be based on your deposit and then offer to match your amount up to a certain percentage.

However, a match deposit bonus doubles the amount of money you place. These bonuses also boost you to play your favorite online casino games at a particular casino. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

Eventually, a matched deposit bonus can come in many different procedures, with additional terms and details. These bonus variations might confuse things at first, especially if you are a newbie to the world of online casinos. However, the more you get information about bonuses (and play at online casinos), the easier it will get. The differences of match deposit bonus fall in the percentage that the operator will match.

Types of bonuses

Every casino offers different kinds of bonuses to attract their consumers toward their casino. There are a lot of perks, but the most famous bonuses offered by casinos are:

Multiple Deposit Bonus

Multiple deposit bonus is one of the best bonuses. This bonus can be offered two or three times on successive deposits and attracts most gamblers around here. Your first deposit will be matched on signing up and three to four more times after that.

Free spins

Many bonuses come with free spins, as you can use these spins to play certain slots games. Free spins quantity depends on the type of bonus or the casinos you are playing at. Free spins depend on the gambler’s luck, and the casinos offering a good number of free spins attract more gamblers toward themselves.

Deposit Method Bonus

This is the bonus that matches your deposit depending on the method of payment used by you. Usually, the payment method bonus will add an additional 5% to your deposit amount. This special bonus is called a deposit bonus, and it is different in different casinos.

High Roller/VIP Bonus

As the name tells all about this, the high roller match deposit is for upper-class players who usually make more significant deposits. The most common in this group is the 50% match up to $1,000 or higher, depending on the casino site.

Reload Bonus

A reload match bonus usually is 100% and works as a replacement for the welcome offer. This bonus is usually presented to existing customers and is used to make them keep visiting the site.

Referring Bonuses

Some modern-day casinos even offer bonuses if you simply refer or employ a friend. When they’ve gambled a certain amount of money within a specific passage of time, you, along with your buddies, may get a good bonus. Such a type of bonus can prove to be of great advantage to you if you have a lot of gambling buddies. Moreover, you might get a reward in the form of a free spin or any other better item.

How to claim a match deposit bonus?

We think we explained everything about the match deposit bonus, and now we should get forward and tell you how to claim it.

First of all, whenever you receive a match deposit bonus, you will get a unique code attached with it, and you only claim or avail of this bonus if you use that code. There is no other option. So many casinos will offer you different types of bonuses, and you have to select anyone between them. Once you choose the bonus you are interested in, make sure you get the code for that bonus. Then you should visit a casino site of your choice and use the code before depositing so that you can claim your prize.

There is an impressive thing that you will love to hear that bonus codes can also be used on mobile casinos. However, you can choose whether you want to play at a comfortable place from home or play on the go.

On the other hand, if the bonus you want cannot be redeemed or does not have a bonus code, then the process of claiming a bonus is so simpler you just have to visit the casino whose offer you like and just make the minimum deposit that is the requirement of the deposit bonus, and you can then claim the bonus.

What Should You Look for in a Deposit Match Bonus?

Similarly, with any other offers that you can get at different online casinos, bonuses with matched deposits also have a checklist that you should not contempt. The first thing on that list, and probably the most vital, is understanding the bonus terms and conditions.

We suggest keeping an eye on when scrolling down through the terms and conditions that what are the minimum deposit requirements in order to claim the bonus, the minimum wagering requirements, the number of free spins given, the expiration date of free spins given, the suitable games, and possible withdrawal cap and constrained countries.

It is not unusual to find a bonus that will give you a positive number of free spins to spend on several different online slots but will also give you, for example, three days to spend them. Otherwise, you will lose all the added spins you’ve gained.

Another essential detail to keep in mind is the withdrawal restrictions and caps. Again, it is pretty common to see that match deposit bonuses have maximum withdrawal restrictions. This means you will not be able to withdraw more than the amount that the operator prearranged and has already told you in the terms and conditions, irrespective of whether you’ve won it or not.

Plus, you need to know what amount you will need to encounter in a rollover before you are even qualified for cash out. What you can do is make sure to crisscross the number of days that you are given to meet these wagering requirements and be conscious of exactly which playthrough requirements your deposit match bonus comes with.

Wagering requirements

Every casino has its wagering requirements, but the most common is that you have to deposit your bonus amount several times before you withdraw wins. Suppose the terms and conditions of the casino have a wagering requirement of 40x bonus, and the match was 100 dollars. In that case, you will have to wager an amount of 4000 dollars before withdrawing wins.

Many match bonuses have a limited withdrawal for the number of wins while using the bonus. This detail is listed in the terms and conditions form, so you should indeed check this condition before playing.

Not all casino games donate to the entire wagering requirement with every round. Where €1 wagered on a slot game account for €1 credited to the requirement, other games like Roulette may be only trait 20% of that (0.20:1), which means that you will have to spend five times as much before you succeed for withdrawal. The chief reason for this is that Roulette’s house edge is far lesser than that in slots.

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