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In online casinos, gambling and playing numerous games are quite popular. A wager is a simple term used to refer to the amount of money that a player is willing to ‘wager’ or bet on a casino game. It is crucial to understand what a wager is before discussing wagering requirements and how some casinos offer bonuses without them attached. A wager in an online casino usually comes with a requirement that needs to be fulfilled before the player can withdraw their winnings. If you ever encounter bonuses on an online casino website, you should also pay attention to the rules and requirements that come with them to see if they are profitable or not.

What Are No Wagering Bonuses?

If you do not play in online casinos regularly, it might seem overwhelming to deal with wagering requirements. Most beginners opt for bonuses that do not come with wagering requirements but are difficult to come across. As it is important to know the terms and conditions with any online casino bonus, they can be complex for beginners who are not used to the working of virtual casinos. Any winnings you earn from these casinos need to meet certain conditions before you can claim them. If this worries you and seems too complicated, it is advisable to look for no wagering bonuses.

Why Do Online Casinos Give Out No Wagering Bonuses?

Online casinos are legally required to give out cash bonuses in various forms to every new user. Along with these bonuses, they are also supposed to provide you with terms and conditions on what requirements you have to fulfill before withdrawing your money. Therefore, it is the player’s responsibility to carefully study the terms and conditions to avoid risking their money and losing their winnings.

As the online casino industry is rapidly becoming more competitive, companies have to find different ways to stand out and be seen among their competitors. One brilliant way to do this is to offer welcome and no deposit bonuses to their new players with no requirements to fulfill. This gives the players the freedom to play their desired games and check out the casino for as long as they want. It creates trust, loyalty and strengthens the number of players for the casino.

Of course, as these rules often seem like a hassle to new players, they prefer looking for websites that do not have any wagering requirements at all. It may seem like no wagering casinos are non-existent and impossible to find, but you should remember that they exist. Although they are rare, non-wagering casinos offer you bonuses without any requirements to fulfill. This means that you can withdraw your winnings anytime you desire, and you do not have to reach a certain amount before doing so. It should be kept in mind that these non-wagering casinos are often suspicious and may not treat their players fairly, so they can not win any money to withdraw.

Types of Bonuses Offered By Casinos

Virtual casinos award you several types of bonuses on signing up for them, some of which you have surely heard of. Before choosing one of the no-wagering bonuses offered to you, you should have a thorough idea of which bonus will prove to be the most profitable.

Free Cash

Just as it sounds, the free cash bonus means that a small amount of cash will be transferred to your wallet once you complete signing up. The free cash bonus is most sought after because it can be used for any game. However, any bonus given to you at this point should be treated as an opportunity to learn about the casino’s games and policies. You should not expect to earn too much from your initial free cash bonus as it will not take you too far. If you do not agree with the casino’s rules, simply withdraw your money, as the bonus will not have wagering requirements. You can look for more favorable casinos later on.

Free Spins

By far, the most common method of offering bonuses on casino websites is through free spins. These spins are allotted to new players as soon as they register themselves on the websites. However, this bonus is only eligible for slot games, so the free spins bonus may not be best for you if you are not particularly skilled at them. You will win rewards in slot games that will be added to your wallet without spending anything, as you will be using your non-wagering bonus. You can withdraw your winnings afterward or choose to spend out of your pocket if the casino’s environment and style appeal to you.

Loyalty Bonus

As you can probably infer from the name, loyalty bonuses are awarded to long-time players that have been a part of the casino. The loyalty program of most online casinos is very rewarding, and players benefit a great deal from them. You have to reach a certain number of played games or be a part of the casino for a certain time period to be considered for the loyalty bonuses. You will be awarded points, challenges, and level-ups for being a loyal player to the casino.

Bonus Codes

Also known as ‘Promo’ and ‘Sign Up’ Codes, these bonus codes are a sweet reward when you first sign up to an online casino. The process of obtaining them is pretty simple. You have to look through the company’s own or a partner website that is affiliating with them. During the sign-up process, you will be asked to enter a code, if you have any, towards the end. At this point, you should type in the bonus code you have received to earn rewards such as a discount, free spins, or some free bonus cash. You might also receive cashback on any deposit you make to the casino after you sign up using your bonus code. However, some type of condition has to be met to qualify for a bonus code. For example, the casino might run a promotional campaign with any upcoming national events or award you for being the 100th new customer this month. It might seem as if bonus codes are obsolete and not too valuable, but that is certainly not the case. Bonus codes can be worth thousands if used correctly and to their advantage. However, it is true that they are not as popular as they were several decades ago.

Timed Bonus

A timed bonus is much like a bonus code, and it is limited to a certain time period in which it can be used. The time period is set by the casino company, and the bonus codes are sent to players via emails or social media. If they fail to avail of the code in the given time, the bonus will expire. Some wagering casinos might also put up a policy that forces players to earn enough in the time period to fulfill the wagering requirement. This can be quite difficult, and the casino will be more likely to lose players if the requirements are too high. The players can not withdraw the money they have earned, and they risk losing all of it. However, in non-wagering casinos, there is no such fault, and you can withdraw however much you earn, even on a daily basis.

How To Pick Up More Casino Bonuses

When you register newly on a website, they offer you casino bonuses on their behalf after your signing up process is complete. These bonuses are deposited in your account, where you can use them to play all the games that are available in the casino. In order to avoid these wagering requirements, you can sign up on websites that offer a lesser percentage of requirements and let you withdraw your money with your no wagering bonus.

In addition to this, there is also a great difference in wagering requirements between different games. For example, roulette and blackjack games are popular for their small wagering policies as compared to slot games. This might prove disadvantageous to you if you are skilled at slot games and not elsewhere. However, you should use your initial welcome and no deposit bonuses to try your luck in other games as well. With time, you will get a solid idea of which games have the most uncomplicated withdrawing policy and which makes the process of getting your money out more complex. Of course, slot games are more profitable, but this may not seem like a good deal if you do not plan to stay in the online casino business for long.

Disadvantages of Non-Wagering Bonuses

Wagering requirements are kept in place because the casino has to adhere to the laws of its region. Online casinos are usually required to keep these requirements as they prevent money laundering and avoid theft. The requirements may seem inconvenient and a hassle, but they are put there to protect both the company and the players from illegal transactions and scammers. When a casino website takes down its wagering requirements, it risks scammers that will withdraw and deposit cash several times a day and misuse its loopholes. The company will be unable to stop them, and they are likely to pass on and continue their antics with time.

If you are not adept at finding trusted casino websites, it is advisable to look through the company’s reviews and guidelines before depositing any money of your own. Some casinos might also have rules that only apply to certain games, such as free spins only being used for slot games. Before indulging in any new game you have not encountered before, you should carefully read its terms and conditions. This is where the welcome and no deposit bonuses come in handy. If something unfavorable happens during unfamiliar games, you will only lose the money that was given to you by the casino itself and none of your own. This prevents loss in the initial stage of your casino games, and you can brush up on your skills for free.

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