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Key Game Features

Reels 3
Paylines 5
Payout 95.75%
Software Microgaming
Theme Banking theme
Jackpot Amount 160 coins
Max. Wager $250
Bonus Round No
Max. Payout 2,400 coins
Jackpot type Normal

Overview of Break da Bank

A classic pokie popular for its simplicity and dishing out decent winnings, Break da Bank is a 3-reel pokie with 5 paylines and a decent RTP of 95.75%. Microgaming released it in 2014, and it was popular for its simplicity, but some players may feel as if the features limit you.

Overview of Break da Bank Pokie

Break da Bank earned a reputation for its fast-paced gameplay, and high rollers may feel attracted to this one with a maximum bet of $250 and a minimum bet of $5.


  • Great RTP when playing this one, above the average
  • High maximum bet great for high rollers
  • Classic title in the traditional pokie style
  • The jackpot will leave you with substantial winnings

  • Minimum bet is high
  • No bonus rounds available
  • Basic graphics

Top 5 Reasons We Rated Break da Bank: Excellent

  1. Awesome potential for high jackpot winnings.
  2. Classic title that inspired a whole series.
  3. No bonus rounds available in the game.
  4. High volatility for high potential winnings.
  5. High minimum wager.

How to Play Break da Bank

You might try the free version before you start playing for real money to get a sense of how the game works. In addition, it lets you experiment in an environment with no risk. To start playing Break da Bank, you only need to be aware of a handful of symbols. During your spin, you can choose to activate up to 5 paylines—the more paylines you open, the higher your chances of a big win.

Break da Bank lets you create combos vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. It gives you plenty of opportunities to reach for the biggest payouts. Much of the appeal comes from its traditional style of play. The logo “Break da Bank” is the highest value symbol of the game. If you score 3 logos in a row, you win between 1600 and 2400 coins. How many you win depends on where the logo lands.

During the game, the logo acts as the wild symbol, and you can use it as a substitute for other paylines. As an extra bonus, whenever the wild symbol lands in a combination, you double your payout. Even better, if you land 2 wilds in a combination, you receive quadruple the payout. This one does require a minimum wager of $5, which may turn some people away from it since it is high for a minimum.

Symbols in Break da Bank

You only need to know a couple of symbols in Break da Bank to play it well. Because of the bright colour scheme, it ensures that the symbol pops right off the screen. You can hit the ANY Bar for a 1x payout. The Single Bar gives you a 2x payout, and the Double Bars give you an 8x payout. The Triple Bars give you a 16x payout, and the $ symbol is worth 32x. Break da Bank pays you 200x to 480x.

What to Expect for Jackpots and Bonuses

Unfortunately, you don’t receive a progressive jackpot at Break da Bank. How much you win from the jackpot depends on how many paylines you bet and the amount you gambled. For example, wagering $25 will give the highest amount of money back. Unlike many of the other slots, Break da Bank doesn’t offer bonus rounds because this is a classic pokie game, and for those interested in a more traditional style of gambling, you may enjoy what you find at Break da Bank.

What to Expect at Break da Bank

Even without the progressive jackpot or bonuses, Break da Bank is still a popular classic. It was popular because of its simplicity, and traditional slots lovers will especially take pleasure in this one. It has a smooth gameplay loop, which makes it even more popular, but this one may still only appeal to a certain kind of person.

Take It on the Mobile?

You can play Break da Bank either on the desktop, the tablet, or the mobile. In fact, this title looks even better on the mobile than online. Rarely will you encounter a Microgaming title that looks as good on the mobile as they would online, but this is one exception. Part of the reason behind this may have more to do with the simple style of Break da Bank. You don’t need to worry about bonuses or extra features cluttering the screen. The only real difference is that it plays on a smaller screen, but if you dislike that, you could choose the tablet.


Break da Bank is a simple title and may not be the right choice for everyone because of the limited features. For someone who wants a simple title that’s a classic, Break da Bank would work fine. It looks good on the mobile, and it was so popular that it inspired an entire series. The one thing that may turn away some players is the high minimum bet of $5. However, if you can get past that, Break da Bank is a fun pokie game with a lot to offer.

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