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With over 20 years of experience in gambling, we have accumulated a vast amount of first-hand knowledge in the Aussie and global casino market. This has not only led to plenty of our own successes at i-casinos.net but also for many of the others who visit our website on a daily basis.

Throughout our collective gambling careers, we have accumulated a vast amount of industry knowledge, tips, and tricks. Nowadays, our team of expert reviewers and writers work tirelessly to ensure that you have access to the most useful information surrounding Pokies, Baccarat, Poker, and more in the Australian casino market.

Whether you like to gamble in person or online, we reckon the tips, tricks, and strategies we provide are structured with your best interests at heart. Although gambling can be rather unpredictable, the information provided on this website is geared to prepare you for the unexpected.

Considering the many nuances that come with playing Pokies, it’s best to walk into it as educated as possible. Thankfully, you won’t have to spend decades learning the ins and outs, as we have already done the groundwork for you.

We’re living in an era where you don’t have to pursue gambling alone. Engaging with our supportive community allows you to walk into your next game more informed than the next guy. Overall, our hope is that this website gives you a competitive edge in the gambling world.

You’ll have access to decades of experience that stems from our founder, Jonas himself, and the dedicated team that helps us keep it all running. Whether you’re a Pokies veteran or just getting started, this website has everything you need on the topic in one place.

Our Team


You’ll find that all of the information provided on i-casinos.net is compiled by some of the most talented experts on the matter. From detailed reviews, gambling strategies, new casino games, and general do’s and don’ts, our team of veteran gamblers has you covered from every angle.

Jonas Harris

Owner & Senior Pokie Reviewer

Leading the way and supporting heaps of other Pokies enthusiasts, Jonas is the owner of the website and the senior Pokies reviewer. Furthering his knowledge of the Pokies market is a top priority for Jonas, and he acts as the leading force behind the website and its community.

His ongoing passion for the industry bodes well for his own endeavors and the thousands of readers who follow his insight. This passion has turned into a growing love for the Aussie gambling community and beyond.

A Native Australian born in Melbourne, he’s also spent time in Las Vegas in the U.S. He now spends his time guiding other casino enthusiasts to their next favorite game.

Constance Dorsey

Seasoned Gambling Analyst

Boasting over ten years of experience gambling in the Australian market, Constance is known to be privy to Pokies. Her ongoing expertise on the topic has added immense value to our ever-growing community. She utilizes relevant market research to create strategies for our users to apply to their next session. Ever since her addition to the team, our users agree she has done nothing but provide immense value.

Derek Colon

Casino Expert, Reviewer, & Writer

Taking his passion for writing and gambling and blending it into one, Derek has a way with words when it comes to talking about the Aussie casino market. Not to mention his avid dedication to Pokies for over five years. Derek has been a solid addition to the team since day one and continues to connect with community members through his writing on a daily basis.

Lester Nichols

Poker & Bonuses Expert

Learning how to gamble is one thing, but making the most of your money is another. That’s where Lester can help, as he has a knack for finding the best bonuses and promotions in the industry. With his thumb on the Aussie and global gambling market, Lester offers detailed insights that our readers can put into action with every play.

Rosie Townsend

Pokies Researcher & Expert

If you’re looking for new gameplay, tips, and strategies related to Pokies, Rosie will always keep you updated. She has a core interest in how the Pokie industry has evolved over the years. The same goes for how gamblers approach the gameplay, as she studies this information and compiles the best possible strategies for our readers. From the Aussie to the worldwide market, Rosie is one of the most dedicated Pokies enthusiasts we’ve ever seen.

Jonas Harris
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