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What is one thing that makes you the happiest? Let us guess, is it free stuff? We thought so! While the little things and bigger events in life happening around us do make us happy, there’s no joy compared to the joy of being able to avail of free stuff. But wait! We’re not just talking about getting lucky and having free candy from the shopkeeper just because they think you’re cute or receiving a pot of jam from a relative as a souvenir. Instead, we’re talking about getting real prizes and money. Wait, does that sound like the perfect thing you’d need for free?

Guess what? Now, you don’t only have to daydream about winning cash prizes, especially when online casinos are always there to make your desires turn into reality. While this may sound like a go-and-get-rich advertisement, it’s more related to getting small and easy welcome bonuses from your favorite virtual casinos. Besides, with welcome bonuses being the most popular, opted for, and accessible prize offered by the online casinos to the new members, you really don’t need anyone else to motivate you to win big.

That’s probably another reason why virtual casinos have numerous members that are winning big after the consistent practice of gambling on these sites. After all, when you get the easy prize of spins or real money on an online casino, only for joining the casino, who wouldn’t want to use their spare time in making some extra bucks? We all do! But before you go ahead and dive into the numerous online casino search results for this instant welcome bonus price, let’s explore more about the welcome bonus!

What is a Welcome Bonus?

The term welcome bonus certainly sounds nothing different than a welcome offer you get when you enter a supermarket as a new or consistent shopper. Or in other cases, you can consider the welcome packages that large brands and even banks offer their new customers/clients for complete satisfaction and trust in the brand/bank.

Similarly, even online casinos tend to focus on getting the best of their gamblers’ trust right from the beginning. Besides, who gives free spins or real money in today’s world? But, virtual casinos are good and reliable, ensuring that their casino visitors are pleased and remain intact to their casino for long – thanks to the bonus price they receive!

But is that all you need to know about the welcome bonuses? Certainly not! While the name makes the concept of welcome bonuses obvious, there’s more you should explore.

While the free spins or real money you receive with the welcome bonus differ from casino to casino, all of the online casinos do offer this bonus. This welcome bonus is either named “welcome bonuses” or “sign-up bonuses” in different online casino sites.

You can use this bonus as free chips for gambling in the casino without having to instantly use your own wallet amount. Now it may seem like a spoof or prank that you’re getting free money just to join virtual casinos, but it’s probably the modern benefits you get for joining the virtual casinos (as compared to the land-based casino venues). Now when you can gamble on the go and win easy welcome bonuses for a smooth start, who wouldn’t want that easy coming free money?

How Do The Welcome Bonuses Work?

While the excitement and freedom of being able to gamble in virtual casinos and win instant prices while making more for your money, you don’t always get the same catch from every casino’s welcome bonus. In fact, the requirements and processes offered by each casino differ from one another.

With the inequality of all the bonuses and the fact that some may be more player-friendly for your gambling than the others, it’s important to know how most of the welcome bonuses work and which casino is offering the most of it.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the casinos offering the biggest welcome bonus in the form of free spins and real money are the ideal option. Here, Big is certainly not the best option to go for as an online casino gambler. Instead, to make the welcome bonus you opt for work the best, it’s better to look for the ones that offer more value than price. Besides, we’ve all surely learned a thing or two about how quality is always better than quantity, right? This may be just a similar case if you’re planning to do more with your welcome bonuses in online casinos.

What’s the difference?

If that’s what you’re wondering, then we’re certainly going in the right direction. Coming back to the concept of the welcome bonus being different and how they work, every casino has certain specific requirements that should be met by the casino member to avail of the bonus. These requirements vary from one casino to another. Hence, before signing up to a casino for their amazing welcome bonus, it’s important to understand their requirements and make sure you can meet them afterwards.

However, if that’s not the case, you always have more virtual casinos options to head to. So don’t waste your time and efforts on the wrong casino – and keep an eye on their bonus requirements.

Are All Bonuses Cashable?

While you focus on the online casino’s requirements regarding their bonuses, make sure you also look into the cashable factor. Since there are both cashable and non-cashable bonuses in online casinos, it’s important to know which one are you opting for.

Now, are you curious to know what a non-cashable bonus is? This bonus is simply a sticky bonus that can only be spent for playing different games. Other than that, the money of this bonus can’t be withdrawn or deposited in your account, i.e., they are often free spins. It’s like an easy and instant amount for your gambling, which keeps you from the hassle of using your own money in the beginning. Not a bad offer, no?

In contrast, the cashable welcome bonuses or other bonuses that are offered by the casinos in the form of real money are withdrawable. Hence, once you meet the wagering requirements, you can easily keep the money you won and withdraw it whenever you want. All in all, while you’re signing up for online casinos to win free spins or real money, make sure you go through their wagering requirements to avail of their welcome package while being aware of what options you have to access this prize.

Why Do Casinos Give You Free Welcome Bonus?

With human nature being curious about anything and everything, you certainly can’t accept a golden or silver offer without knowing why you’re getting it, right? Besides, with the scramming world gaining popularity of its own, you just have to be careful when trusting the online prizes.

According to that, you must be wondering why do casinos offer so much to their new members as their welcome package, right? We thought so.

The idea behind availing of a welcome package is certainly a benefit for all the gamblers since it helps them improve their game as a beginner and become better gamers over time. Not just that, but experimenting with your skills and improving without investing your own money and losing is certainly every new gamers dream. This is also a major reason why even professionals love getting bonuses every now and then.

However, this doesn’t mean that the casinos love giving them away for nothing. With virtual casinos being all about gaining more money, it’s certainly odd to hear about getting money in advance from the online casinos. But the good news is that this is no prank. Yes, you heard that right!

Only casinos do have a decent and exciting welcome package, which is a major reason why many new gamblers hit the Play Now button in the casino and then stay connected to it. Don’t get it? It’s simple! Giving away welcome bonuses and other bonuses is all a marketing strategy that helps these online casinos grab the interest of new members. Since the online gambling industry is extremely competitive, you can easily explore hundreds of virtual casinos in a day. But how do these casinos work when there are so many more options?

It’s simply their free spins and real money prizes coming to the new members as bonuses that attract new gamblers each day. With the offer of an attractive bonus in the very beginning, you can be surely encouraged to keep visiting the site and pressing the Play Now button with interest. Now, if you think about it, this makes great sense. In fact, while the online casinos invest in you in the start, they get more money in the long run when you become a permanent gambler on their site. Isn’t that smart?

Types of Welcome Bonuses You Can Avail Of

When looking for casinos and their welcome packages, it’s better that you have a clear understanding of every kind of welcome bonus that the online casinos offer before or after your first deposit. Here are the names of a few types of welcome bonuses that you may explore in every other online casino:

  • Cash Match Bonus
  • Staggered Cash Match Bonus
  • Make Your Own Bonus
  • Mobile Casino Welcome Bonus

Once you explore how these types of welcome bonuses work, you can make a better decision on online casinos before signing up for them.

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