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G’day, gambling enthusiasts! Ever wondered why fish games are making a big splash in the Aussie gaming scene? Well, grab a tinny, and let’s dive into the ocean of fish table games, where the lure of the big catch awaits. These aren’t your average one-armed bandits; they’re a whole new kettle of fish, featuring far more interactive play than any pokie.

With vibrant graphics that’d make the Great Barrier Reef look dull and thrilling gameplay as surprising as a croc in a billabong, fish games are reeling in players from all over Oz. The concept is simple: you choose your weapon, select your fishy target, and fire away. Different fish are often worth varying points based on their difficulty, with special targets that can rake you in the big bucks if you’re lucky or skilled enough to bag them. The more you catch, the more you win, based on the value of the fish and how much you bet per shot fired.

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The beauty of these games lies in their variety–from an exotic Asian escape with Cai Chen Dao to the trill of the deep sea catch in The Deep Monster, fish games are as diverse as the Aussie coastline, each offering a unique adventure. Whether you’re a laid-back angler or a high-stakes hunter, there’s a fish table game for every type of player.

These games aren’t just about spinning reels; they’re about tales of the one that got away, the thrill of the chase, and the cheer of a catch well-made. So, let’s cast our lines and see what these fish games have in store. With a bit of luck, you might just land the catch of the day!

Top Eight Fish Games

1. Deepsea Volcamon (River Monster)

Deepsea Volcamon pits the player against a variety of underwater creatures along the bottom of the ocean, from tiny little to larger behemoths worth bigger prizes. Each potential target scatters across the screen, swimming at a variety of speeds in every direction to make it more challenging to catch them.

What really sets this offering apart, however, is its unique inclusion of multiplayer. While most fish games are solo-only affairs, Deepsea Volcamon allows you to form a room and bring your friends along for the trip. That way, you can all have a blast together even as you win huge payouts that’ll leave you swimming in cash.

2. The Deep Monster (KA Gaming)

The Deep Monster is an innovative fish game set in an underwater world of mythical creatures and ancient civilizations. Instead of the typical assortment of fish and sea creatures, players face off against a slew of fantastical monsters, with a huge crocodile serving as the final boss.

The Deep Monster by KA Gaming

The game features three different bet levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each with varying rewards and difficulty. Players can choose the bet level that best suits their skill level. The Deep Monster also features several special elements to give players a much-needed edge, such as a Treasure Chest Crab that can freeze all fish on the screen and offer a random prize, and a Drill Weapon that can be channelled for powerful attacks.

3. Crab King (Intelligent Game Software)

Crab King’s vibrant graphics and realistic 3D designs combine to immerse you within an underwater oceanic environment. As you explore this watery space, you will of course have plenty of opportunities to earn points for each creature you shoot, up to a maximum of 500x the normal bonus for certain special creatures.

There’s a nice variety of fish to kill, each worth a specific value, along with nine special species that unlock unique abilities. For example, a Laser Crab provides you with a laser gun you can use for higher payouts, while a Super Golden Shark offers a one-shot kill ability that increases reward levels. There are also two different boss monsters to conquer: the eponymous Crab King and the Fiery Kirin. With the inclusion of a special multiplayer mode at certain casinos and its diverse, skill-based gameplay, Crab King is definitely one to check out.

4. Golden Fish Hunter (KA Gaming)

Designed for both desktop and mobile devices, Golden Fish Hunter is an arcade-style fish game that showcases a vibrant and colourfully crafted marine world, including creatures like turtles and octopuses. Players embark on an underwater adventure to catch various types of fish, each with unique values, using different weapons. The goal is to amass coins, with larger fish yielding greater rewards.

Golden Fish Hunter by KA Gaming

Available in multiple languages, Golden Fish Hunter strikes the perfect balance between luck and skill, with precise aiming helping to counter the random movements and appearances of targets. This makes it an appealing choice for both new and experienced players alike.

5. Emily’s Treasure (Blazesoft)

Emily’s Treasure is known for its detailed graphics and realistic or arcade-style soundtrack that enhances the underwater adventure feel. The primary objective is to catch as many fish as possible using a cannon gun. The game involves strategic shooting, where the more you shoot at a fish, the higher your chances of capturing it. Each successful capture rewards you with coins. However, if the fish swims away before you capture it, you won’t receive any reward.

The game features various common fish, each with different multipliers ranging from 2x to 120x. Additionally, there are four types of jackpots – Mini, Super, Grand, and Fortune – offering players the chance to win big. There are also several unique features that are activated by capturing special fish. These include an All at Once bonus that captures all fish of the same species as the one inside the symbol and an Energy Shot, which activates randomly and doubles your rewards for any fish you capture during a short period. With a multiplayer mode, an auto-attack option for automatic firing, and a lock attack option to focus on a specific fish, this game is perfect for punters looking to strategize their approach to maximize their winnings.

6. Hook Up! Fishing Wars (Mascot Gaming)

Hook Up! Fishing Wars launched on April 24, 2023, and features a realistic seabed setting replete with colourful anemones, corals, and seaweed, along with a wide variety of fish. Players have multiple controls, including a target for single shots and an explosion icon for more powerful shots. As is typical for fish games, each fish is worth a different prize value. However, Hook Up! Fishing Wars distinguishes itself from some of its competitors by offering the option to see each fish’s value on the screen, aiding in strategic decision-making. Two bosses designed after Chinese dragons offer challenging yet rewarding targets for enterprising players.

There are also a variety of special features, including the ability to earn free shots by killing special characters or catching the Cannon symbol, discoverable chests containing big winnings, and a bonus game on a countdown that features high-value fish and special symbols, such as crabs that extend the game duration and jellyfish that temporarily immobilize fish for easier targeting. Overall, Hook Up! Fishing Wars is a refreshing and engaging take on fish games for those seeking a skill-based gaming experience.

7. Cai Shen Dao (KA Gaming)

Cai Shen Dao blends traditional Asian imagery with the excitement of fishing, featuring a variety of aquatic animals and high-paying symbols. Players progress through a series of three rooms (bronze, silver, and gold), each of which offers different bet sizes. With its low bet range of $0.01 to $0.10, the Bronze room is perfect for beginners, while the Gold room, with bets ranging from $1 to $10, offers an ideal experience for skilled players seeking bigger wins.

Cai Shen Dao by KA Gaming

Gameplay is fairly typical for a fish game, with players taping on sea creatures to fire bullets from a cannon. However, it does have an auto-spin feature that allows for continuous shooting. It also includes several special features, such as a Lucky Crab that awards players a 50x multiplier and temporarily immobilizes all the fish on the screen, and a Drill Weapon that increases chances of capturing fish in its path until it explodes. Different fish may require different amounts of bullets to kill based on their size, so try to aim for their heads and target them as soon as they appear on the screen to eliminate them quickly.

8. KA Fish Party (KA Gaming)

KA Fish Party combines elements of automatic fishing with gambling amid a vibrant underwater world full of fish and various sea creatures. As usual for fish games, the objective is to catch as many fish as possible by using different weapons. Special symbols in the game can freeze fish on the screen or explode multiple sea creatures at once, adding an extra layer of strategic thought.

KA Fish Party by KA Gaming

With an average RTP of 96%, medium volatility, and a maximum win of up to 500x the bet, KA Fish Party’s betting range of $0.01 to $10.00 caters to a wide range of punters who might be roaring to take a crack at it. Compared to some of the other fish games on this list, it should appeal to players interested in a more straightforward shooting experience.

Tips and Tricks for Making Shark Bait Out of Fish Games

If you’re keen to dive into the world of fish games, here’s a fair dinkum guide to help you snag some big wins without getting bitten.

  1. Pick the Right Game: When choosing a fish game, look for ones with high RTP so you have the best shot at winning. You should also read up on reviews and select an appealing theme so you enjoy yourself while you play.
  2. Understand Game Features: Pay attention to each fish game’s special features since those can have a huge impact on how they feel to play. These might include things like the use of different weapons or betting structures, unique bosses or creature behaviour, and the inclusion of multiplayer.
  3. Bet Wisely: Don’t go throwing your hard-earned dosh around like it’s going out of fashion. Set a budget for each gaming session and stick to it. Also, start small, especially if you’re a newbie. Get a feel for the game before you start betting like a high roller.
  4. Manage Your Bankroll: Don’t chase your losses. If you’re on a losing streak, it might be time to take a breather and come back later. While this is good advice whenever you’re gambling, it’s especially true of fish games since they include a large element of skill.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: Check out any free versions of a game first. That way, you can learn the ropes without risking your dough. The only way to get better at bagging your targets is to aim and shoot again and again.

Remember, mates, gambling should be as fun as a day at the beach. Bet wisely, keep your cool, and you might just be on your way to snagging some ripper wins!

Best Sites to Play Fish Games in Australia

If you’re looking to have a crack at some top-notch online casinos in Australia, you’re in luck! Here’s a wrap-up of some of the best spots to try your hand at online fish games and more:

  1. Ignition Casino: This one’s a beauty for Aussie players, with a wide range of casino games and a reputation for quick payouts. It’s tailored for Australian players, offering transactions in Aussie dollars and 24/7 customer support.
  2. PlayAmo: Distinguished for its wide range of games, including a vast selection of slots and classic table games. It also offers generous bonuses and promotions.
  3. Casinonic: This casino is recognized for its game variety and security, ensuring a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.
  4. Joe Fortune: Offers a wide range of real money casino games and generous bonuses. It’s known for its secure gaming environment.
  5. Cobra Casino: Features a diverse game library including classic casino games and jackpot games. Offers various payment options including cryptocurrencies.
  6. Ricky Casino: Known for its extensive game library sourced from over 40 top-tier software providers, Ricky Casino offers more than 1,500 casino games. It also offers a generous welcome bonus that includes both bonus cash and free spins.
  7. Mega Dice Casino: A hit with Bitcoin fans, they offer an extensive range of pokies and fish games from top developers like Hacksaw Gaming, NetEnt, and Pragmatic Play.
  8. Lucky Block Casino: Specializing in crypto sports betting, Lucky Block Casino offers over 4,000 crypto pokies and a mix of fixed and progressive jackpot pokies. It’s also ideal for other table games like fish games, boasting an effortless registration process and supporting major cryptocurrencies.
  9. TG Casino: They focus on provably fair gaming and offer a diverse range of pokie machine games and fish games from top-tier software providers. In addition to their wide variety of games, they’re renowned for being one of the safest and most reliable casino apps.
  10. Rockwin: Offers a huge range of games, including more than 500 live casino games, and supports a wide array of payment methods.

Final Thoughts

Aussie players are spoilt for choice with a diverse range of top-notch fish games available at leading online casinos. From Ignition Casino’s tailored offerings to the extensive game libraries at TG Casino and Joe Fortune, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for thrilling multiplayer action with a game like Crab King or want to hunt mythical monsters in The Deep Monster, you’re guaranteed to find something to sink your teeth into. Ready to reel in some big wins? Then give your favourite fish game a go and experience the best of online gambling Down Under!