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The online gambling industry in New Zealand has been growing at least as fast as it has in the other parts of the world. People in the country spend millions on online gambling every year, but the main scene still remains with the land-based establishments.

The country has 6 different physical establishments that you can use throughout the country, but many more that you can choose online. In fact, the market online at times can feel saturated, but you can choose from many that include some incredible features and offer attractive welcome bonuses.

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Legality and Regulation

The current Gambling Act comes from 2003, but this started right around the time that the internet was only starting to pick up. Some legislators have called for updates to the law. No one saw the way that gambling in NZ would develop over the course of the next 21 years. Technically, online gambling is illegal in New Zealand when offered at the domestic level. The only exception to this rule would include the TAB and Lotto NZ.

Where New Zealanders can take advantage of the casino sites is when they are offered offshore. Technically, you should only do this at your own risk because of the lack of regulation, but if you choose a well-known and established online casino, it doesn’t break any laws. Just check the reviews to guarantee you chose a good site.

New Zealand doesn’t legally control it, which can leave you running into some bad sites. One of the ways that you can get around this is to check the licensing of the offshore site. See that they use a proper licensing body. Some of the reputable ones include the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association. Reputable casino sites will use SSL encryption from trusted sources like CloudFlare Inc.

Games and Software

Of the 1,000 online casino sites in New Zealand, they operate from the software of about 20 developers. The biggest casino software developers in the country include:

Play’n GO
● Aristocrat
Pragmatic Play

Online casino software developers

Before you ever start playing at a casino, always check the type of software that the games use. In general, you want a more reputable one. Choosing one with reputable developers will mean that the gaming quality will be top notch. Reputable software developers matter as well because they will keep a legitimate licensing from a respected jurisdiction.

Especially when you play for real money, the legitimate licensing from the developer ensures that the games will be fair and regulated by an independent third party. They will also play a role in protecting your personal and financial information. This means that it uses the latest and best encryption practices and puts the proper firewalls in place.

When it comes to the most popular casino games in NZ, you have 5 popularly chosen games that include:

● Pokies
● Blackjack
● Roulette
● Video poker
● Keno

People will play other games, too, but those are the ones that stand out the most. Whatever game you choose, New Zealand offers its fair share of games.

Most Popular Online Casino Types in New Zealand

You have a few different choices that people in New Zealand choose. For example, one of the online casino types that they like to go with is the minimum deposit casinos. Many of the top casinos will require that you deposit more, but a minimum deposit casino may require as little as NZ$1. Mobile casino apps would mark out another popular way that New Zealanders like to gamble online. Some of the casinos will even cater to this desire where they prioritize the mobile gambling app since it has become a common trend in the country.

The next type is known as NZD casinos. Many people choose this casino because you can make a deposit directly into your own currency without the worry that you will lose money because of the exchange rate. You can find plenty of casinos online offering this. Another type is the new casinos popping up online. These constantly pop up and they offer attractive welcome bonuses to new players. The downside is that you can’t always tell if you can trust this type because of its newness. No one else has had experiences with them. In some cases, they might be a cryptocurrency casino, which does offer you a little more security when gambling.

Finally, the next casino type is the high rollers and the VIP rewards casino. This one will usually offer some attractive rewards for continuing with them and high rollers will see benefits with them as well. You can expect massive bonuses here and gigantic jackpots to make going here even more worthwhile.

Many New Zealanders also prefer to gamble at the 6 land-based establishments in the country, and you have plenty of people who choose that over doing it online.

The Deposit and Withdrawal Methods in New Zealand

You may see this and think it will be the same for every country, but believe it or not, some countries will have specific deposit and withdrawal methods. For example, POLi, an Australian brand, is a popular method of deposits and withdrawals in the country. It is mainly intended for those in Australia and New Zealand. Started in 2007, several online casinos that serve NZ accept this as a form of payment.

Mobile first options have started to become a more popular choice in the country, such as using Apple Pay. Cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity in NZ as well because it allows for instant deposits and anonymous transactions. No one will know about your gambling activities. Bitcoin has become popular because you can make big withdrawals without as restrictive limits as what you’d see with the more traditional online casinos.

Paysafecard has also been a popular method of deposits and withdrawals in the country. Skrill has become another popular choice because of the secure and instant payments. You do see PayPal offered as a method at some casinos, but by and large, Skrill has taken over far more than PayPal.

Finally, you have Visa offered as a withdrawal and deposit method. This would rank as one of the most common methods that New Zealanders use in the country. Many casinos accept this as a payment method, which makes it practical.

Pros and Cons of New Zealand Casino Sites


● Plenty of great online choices — only 6 physical casinos in the country.
● An extensive number of choices for mobile casino options.
● Taking advantage of the welcome bonuses.
● Convenience of gambling online over at a traditional establishment.


● No regulations mean that you need to exercise more caution with who you choose.
● No social aspect like what you receive at the land-based casinos.
● Depending on the payment method, withdrawals can take a long time.

How Do You Play at the NZ Casino Sites

To get started at an online casino in New Zealand, follow the basic steps here to begin. You just need to follow the steps below:

Step #1: Choose the Right Casino

First, you need to pick the right casino. Online, because it isn’t regulated, this can pose some issues. Research thoroughly before you choose one and check for their licensing and ensure that they use SSL encryption. You should never directly put your banking information through the site. It should be done through the payment system.

Step #2: Sign up at the Registration Page

Check for the sign up page. Most often, you will find this near the login screen. Just tap the sign up page and start filling out your essential information. Please be aware that in some cases, you may need to opt in to take advantage of the welcome bonus. We would recommend that you do that since the welcome bonuses in New Zealand tend to be pretty decent. Follow all the terms and conditions to make sure that you will receive it at the end.

Sign up

Step #3: Verify Your Account

For security purposes, every reputable casino will request that you verify your account information. Once you finish with the registration page, they often send you a link to your email. If they don’t send it via email, they may send it through SMS. In some cases, you may need to show proof of your ID to open the account.

Step #4: Make a Deposit and Claim the Bonus

Once you verify your account, you will make a deposit with your chosen payment method. In most cases, this works extremely fast. Just be aware of how the withdrawal methods can be a pain depending on the one you choose. How much you deposit will depend on the casino with some requiring as little as NZ$1.

Make a Deposit

Step #5: Begin Playing the Games

After you sign up, claim your welcome bonus, verify your account, and make a deposit, you can get started playing. Some people recommend that you begin by playing the free version ahead of time to lower the risk when you start playing for real money — you’ll know what you’re doing.

Online casino games in New Zealand

Future Trends of Online Casinos in New Zealand

Mobile gaming will undoubtedly play big role in New Zealand as it already accounts for a significant amount of the activity in the country. In the future, as mobile phones continue to improve in technology, we will see more high-quality graphics, an enhanced user experience, and more flawless gameplay. You may see an increasing number of casinos that will cater specifically to mobile gamers.

Another recent trend has been cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, which continue to grow in popularity even now. Largely, this has happened because it offers a superior experience in faster transactions, better security, and greater privacy. The blockchain technology has helped to eliminate the need for intermediaries for ensuring secure and transparent transactions.

Livestreaming and social interaction are another trend that we may see. One of the biggest complaints about online casinos is the fact that it lacks social interaction. We’ve already seen the rise of live dealer games where you can interact with the dealer via high definition livestream. In the future, we will see this increasingly replicate the real environment of a casino.

Virtual sports betting has also been gaining in popularity in New Zealand, especially among the younger generation. You even see people wagering in the eSports environment. In the future, this will all attract a growing audience. The most popular sports in New Zealand for sports betting include football and rugby. Unfortunately, the players can’t play all year-round, which is where eSports have begun to keep you going. eSports have an advantage in that they have no season, and there are no injuries in them.

Many of the trends here belong to the more global trends. One of the interesting things about the casinos in New Zealand is that the casinos popular in New Zealand are also popular in Canada.

Responsible Gambling Tools

Online gambling will continue to expand in the future, but kiwis, like people around the world, need some tools to ensure responsible gambling. About 1 out of every 5 people in New Zealand will experience some form of harm either due to their own or someone else’s gambling addiction.

Reputable websites will include tools that can keep you from continuing to gamble. One example of this would be the self-exclusion options. You can use this to lock yourself out of your account for a set period of time. They will also include spending limits to ensure that you never spend more than you should at the online casino.

The final tool is known as Player Activity Monitoring. The system puts every player in check, and if it determines that you spent too much money in a set period of time, the system will impose a gambling problem measure on your account.

Are the NZ Casinos Legitimate?

Due to it being illegal for domestic casinos to operate online, you may wonder if the NZ casinos online are legitimate. The answer is that yes, provided the online casino is offshore or outside the country, they are legitimate. Just be sure to check the licensing and that they fall under a legitimate licensing authority because this field doesn’t necessarily have regulation, which can make it easier to run into a scam casino. Reputable regulation and licensing will ensure that the online casino follows the latest standards for fair practices and maintains the best security standards to ensure your safety.

Along with those things, check the reviews to see that the company pays out to its customers. Casinos that keep licensing will typically have a good track record for payouts because it could jeopardize their license if they didn’t.

Signs to Avoid an Online Casino

Because finding a good online casino can be a minefield, let’s cover some of the things to beware of in an online casino to ensure that you find the right one.

Unprofessional Customer Support

The online casino should offer customer support through multiple channels like LiveChat, email, and phone support. Having multiple support channels ensures that you can get a customer service representative on the line. Email tends to mean wait times of at least 24 hours, so they should offer more than email support. The support team should also display knowledgeable assistance that resolves your problem quickly and effectively. Avoid a company that receives a review for poor customer service because it could indicate the philosophy of the business overall.

Customer Support

Players Went Unpaid

If you even hear a whisper of this in a review, do not give that casino your money. You can find some incredible online casinos, but the shadier and less scrupulous companies will find ways to keep your money even when you win. They might do it in subtle ways such as unreasonably low withdrawal limits. There have also been cases where players waited 18+ months before being paid. In other cases, they will simply close your account or lock you out of it with the cash inside and claim that you violated one of their terms and conditions—unfortunately, you didn’t, and this is just a way for them to keep your money. This one especially hurts badly if you won big and now the casino refuses to honor its commitment.

Misleading Claims About Licensing

Never take a casino for their word about licensing or regulation. Always look them up to see that they hold a legitimate licensing and fall under a real body of regulation. Some online casinos will make a misleading claim, which is a guarantee that the company is following some shady practices. No legitimate online casino will lie about their licensing or regulation. That’s only done for one reason.

Fake Welcome Bonuses

Unfortunately, all too common, the casino will create what looks like an extremely attractive welcome bonus to draw you in. They can make it impossible to get in a number of ways. First, they might make it impossible to get through the terms and conditions, but they can also make the bonus inaccessible after you register and deposit a specific amount of money. They may also offer you free spins, but you notice how the free spins never materialize into much. You never receive the best reward with them.

Check for Secure Payment Methods

First, the online casino should use SSL encryption to protect the financial information of its users. Some of the reputable payment methods include PayPal, Skrill, MasterCard, and Visa. Never play at an online casino that forces you to put your financial information directly into their website, since this gives you an obvious warning sign to play elsewhere. The payment methods should always be secure. Cryptocurrencies have also been growing in popularity as a payment method because the casino can’t just close your account and steal the money.

Fairness of the Gameplay

Every legitimate online casino receives an audit from a third party like eCOGRA. This ensures the fair play of the gaming and helps to ensure that they didn’t rig the pokies and other games. It also ensures that they use random number generators (RNGs) to determine the wins. RNGs should be in play at the pokies, roulette tables, and blackjack tables. All legitimate online casinos must maintain a specific amount of funds in reserve to guarantee that all of the players at their casino receive a payout if required.

What is the Legal Age to Gamble in New Zealand?

You must be at least 20 in New Zealand before you can gamble in the country at the land-based establishments. Those over the age of 18 can still participate at the online casinos, scratchcards, horse races, lotteries, and sports betting. The 20 and older law at the land-based casinos is because New Zealand legally considers you an adult at the age of 20.

While you can’t gamble at the land-based casinos in New Zealand, you can still drink alcohol at the age of 18 in the country, you can vote, and rent a property in your name at age 18.


When you go to choose one of the NZ online casinos, always do your research ahead of time. Check to see that they have legitimate licensing and fall under a reputable regulation authority. You also want one that keeps a good collection of games because it ensures that you can continue playing different games without getting bored.

Hopefully, this helps to clear up some of the things related to online casinos in New Zealand to ensure that you have the most positive experience. You can take advantage of plenty of opportunities for online gambling in the country.