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EOS was launched in 2018 and it ranks as the main competitor of Ethereum. It caters to both customers and programmers thanks to its lighting fast payments and scalable blockchain. You’ll need EOS tokens to make payments on the EOS.io platform and subsequently play at online casinos accepting the currency.

EOS Casinos

The EOS cryptocurrency was designed to help create various decentralized apps, and casino platforms have been a beneficiary of this. Our team has set up this guide to help you get started with EOS casinos in Australia.

Australian Online Casinos That Accept EOS Payments

No matter the guide we create, which in this case focuses on EOS online casinos for Australians, we never direct readers to platforms we are not confident about. Several crypto casinos launched and claim to be secure and trustworthy, but few live up to their claims. Our team has found 30+ EOS online casinos open to Australians, but only the listed operators are licensed, and legit, and cater to all players via great bonuses and games. You can confidently join any of these and start betting today.

EOS Casinos Overview

EOS is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies worldwide, thanks to its peer2peer network. Several other users must confirm a transaction until it is processed and validated, without this downplaying its speed.

The EOS tokens work similarly to ETH, but they are fee free. That’s because EOS transactions do not require mining to be processed.

Although this is all great, and EOS carries similar benefits to other crypto casinos – no need for banks, lack of fees, speed, and transparency – it isn’t as popular as Bitcoin, Tron, and Monero. This can make it a real drag to find an EOS casino on your own.

How to Use EOS at Online Casinos

To get started with EOS gambling, you must first pick one of the few provably fair casinos that support it. You can spot them right on this page.

Signing up at the online casino is the first step of the process. Hit the join now button and key in your username, email, password, DOB, address, etc.

If you have yet to purchase EOS, you’ll need to get an account on a reputable crypto exchange like Kraken or Coinbase. There, you can buy EOS coins via cards or banks.

Switch back to the EOS casino and click on the banking department. Select the EOS currency, enter the amount you wish to deposit and include your wallet address. The payment should be posted instantly.

As with any other legit crypto coins, EOS casino withdrawals are also viable. Follow the same process as above and you will get your funds as soon as the casino processes your request. The EOS blockchain network claims to process 100,000 transactions per second, so you are in good hands.

Safety Remains a Priority

It’s important to note that game outcomes will always be verifiable and transparent, a vital component of blockchain technology as a whole. This helps mitigate manipulations and improves trust within the community.

Of course, to truly achieve safety standards that can be recognized on a broader scale, licensing and regulation have to be a part of the conversation as well. EOS also promotes a community feedback system to help make swift improvements where needed. You will also find that the benefits of blockchain security and transparency support the legitimacy of EOS casino outcomes.

By creating a more fair and transparent way to participate in your favourite pokies, players can feel safe in their decision-making and reap the long-term benefits. Although EOS and cryptocurrency in gambling have a bright future ahead, this doesn’t mean there aren’t some inherent challenges.

Potential Challenges

While many of these points aren’t deal breakers by any means, it’s helpful to look at the project from all sides. Aside from being among thousands of other cryptocurrencies, this is a market that demands adaptation at a moment’s notice. However, EOS is actively expanding to more online casinos that work with cryptocurrency as it becomes more of a norm in the industry.

Education is also still a big factor, as there are many people who haven’t caught up to the reasoning or upside of using cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, EOS is a growing project with a lot in store for people in the online casino world in Australia.

Even with a somewhat limited presence in the market, EOS is being seen as one of the most profitable tokens to make use of. Its upward potential in investment value and collaborative approach to the online casino space is a win-win for players.

Leveraging EOS to Your Advantage

When you consider the overall value of EOS combined with the bonuses and offers found in online casinos, the earning potential is expansive. If you play your cards right, figuratively speaking, EOS can help to drive earnings in more ways than one.

Players in EOS online casinos should consider taking advantage of various promotional offers:

  • EOS-specific promotions
  • Free spins
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Casinos with low entry requirements

These are only just a few examples of what’s possible, and it’s safe to say the ecosystem behind EOS will only increase the incentive as time goes on. Although there’s plenty to be excited about, leveraging EOS or any cryptocurrency means navigating market volatility.

For those who are new to the world of crypto, its value changes on a consistent basis. With EOS projects being on the upside and numerous benefits to using it in online casinos, there isn’t much to worry about outside of keeping an eye on the market. Using cryptocurrency in online casinos isn’t necessarily a new idea, but it’s still being adopted on a wider scale. With the right education, you’ll start to see why so many people prefer to use EOS over traditional currency.


There you have it! An EOS casino guide for beginners. If you follow our steps and recommendations you can begin playing at provably fair casinos with EOS tokens in minutes. Cashing out is equally fast, and you can relax knowing that the EOS blockchain is among the most legitimate ones.

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