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Rabcat Gambling is a Vienna-based company that develops premium digital art content for the international video game industry. They are a popular game developer whose creations are hosted on some of the best online casinos in the world.

Rabcat Brings Games to Life

Founded in 2001, Rabcat has become well-known for their high-quality, artistic casino games, especially video slots. Their games are famous for their stunning graphics, immersive sound effects, and innovative gameplay mechanics, which together create a compelling gaming experience for players.

Games with Exciting Stories

Despite being around for a while, Rabcat only has about 30 games under their belt. But don’t let that dissuade you. Once you try these games, you’ll agree that quality outweighs quantity.

Here are some of Rabcat’s best games:

  • Castle Builder. This is one of Rabcat’s most innovative games. It combines traditional slot gameplay with a level-based system. You build castles, meet challenges, and progress through various levels as you play.
  • Castle Builder II. The sequel to Castle Builder, this game offers an even more immersive experience, with more characters, more kingdoms, and more achievements to unlock.
  • Dragon’s Myth. This game features high-quality 3D graphics and a compelling storyline about a young girl trying to capture dragons.
  • Forsaken Kingdom. This medieval-themed slot game has really nice graphics. The game brings the legend of King Arthur and his knights to life and is known for its engaging gameplay.
  • Mining Fever. This one’s an exciting slot game with a mining theme where dwarves dig for treasures.
  • Moby Dick. Based on the famous novel, this game offers stunning artwork and an exciting Win Freezing feature where winning symbols are held in place for a bonus spin.
  • North Storm. This slot game captivates with its high-end graphics and a bonus falls feature, where symbols in winning combinations disappear and are replaced with new ones, allowing for multiple wins from a single spin.
  • Penguin Splash. This is a fun, light-hearted slot game featuring a group of penguins. It offers free spins and other bonus features.
  • River of Riches. Inspired by the myth of a hidden underground river of gold in Egypt, this slot game has wonderful visuals and exciting gameplay.

Rabcat’s Tech and Security

Rabcat’s games are developed in HTML5, so they’re fully compatible with all kinds of devices and platforms. Whether you’re an Apple user or like to game on your phone or tablet, you can do so easily without the extra effort of additional plugins or downloads.

Like all reputable casino game providers, Rabcat is dedicated to fairness, so they use a Random Number Generator to ensure unbiased results in their games. This technology guarantees that each spin or game round is completely independent from the previous or next one.

The Total Package

Using design techniques like 3D rendering to create beautiful imagery, combined with thrilling gameplay and fun gambling mechanics, Rabcat has established themselves as a premier developer of innovative casino games.

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