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A new cryptocurrency is introduced almost daily, but a few persist and maintain the good reputation of cryptos. Monero is among these.

Here, we look at how Monero online casinos work and what benefits they bring to the table. Such deposit and withdrawal options are great since they allow Australian players to gamble online without any hassles.

Monero Overview

XMR, or Monero, is a decentralized cryptocurrency that works on the blockchain and has roots in the CryptoNote. It is one of the more stable cryptocurrencies making it a great option for those looking to invest in this market or deposit XMR to gamble online.

It shares most of the benefits Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum does. Users can enjoy free transactions when using Monero. These are verified by other users and are therefore secure and transparent. It doesn’t use any third-party body to process payments, enabling instant payments.

The above set Monero as a great option if you are looking to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

Which Online Casinos Accept Monero?

A problem with obscure and less popular cryptocurrencies like Monero is their availability. Few operators accept XMR, and only some of these are worth your time. Thankfully, we have created a list with all the licensed and secure online pokies sites that support Monero in Australia. Use our links to get started.

How do they work?

Monero casinos are identical to PayPal and PayID operators. Players must first create an account to be able to access the banking section. Monero is listed there as an option. First, you need to have a wallet with at least some XMR in it. Getting one is simple so don’t stress about it.

Then, you simply input the deposit or withdrawal amount and the Monero wallet address and payments will be processed instantly and for free.


There is an abundance of banking options available to gamblers. However, the Australian casino market is less accommodating, with a narrow list of options for both deposits and withdrawals at casinos. The rise of cryptocurrencies has addressed this issue, and Monero is at the forefront of this.

Players looking to gamble online without sharing their personal or transactional details found a new home.

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