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Rival Gaming has been a substantial presence in the online casino industry for more than a decade. Renowned for its innovative game features and compelling narratives, Rival has successfully carved out a niche for itself, providing a unique gaming experience that continues to charm players across the globe.

Thinking Outside the Box

Launched in 2006, Rival entered the casino software development scene with the aim to provide a fresh perspective in a market dominated by established giants. Headquartered in Cyprus, Rival quickly established a reputation for being a forward-thinking company, pushing boundaries in gameplay, graphics, and user experience.

Rival’s innovative spirit is best exemplified by its introduction of i-Slots – a unique series of slot games with interactive, story-driven gameplay that unfolds as players progress. When you play a slot game with this mechanic, the game play is delightfully interrupted by a puzzle or other mini-game; solve it correctly, and you’ll win some extra money.

A Wide Range of Games

Rival has a vast array of titles, which can be broken up into the following categories: slots, progressive games, specialty games, table games, and video poker.

Of all their games, the casino slot games are the most popular. Check out these favorites:

  • As The Reels Turn. Part of the company’s i-Slot series, As The Reels Turn offers a soap opera-style narrative with three games, each with different storylines and a host of unique bonus features.
  • Cosmic Quest. Another title in the i-Slot series, Cosmic Quest consists of two games that take you on an intergalactic adventure full of bonus rounds, free spins, and interactive mini-games.
  • Gold Rush. A classic 3-reel slot, Gold Rush transports players to the Wild West, offering a simple yet entertaining gameplay with a lucrative jackpot.
  • Hole in Won. This game is a treat for golf enthusiasts. It’s another i-Slot title that features a skill-based bonus round where you can take part in a mini-golf game for extra rewards.
  • Scary Rich. This is a series of three slot games with a horror theme. Each game offers free spins, multipliers, and wild symbols, providing an exciting, suspense-filled gaming experience.

Why Choose Rival?

The biggest compelling reason to check out Rival casino games is their unique i-Slots mechanic. They were the first to develop it, and they’re the ones doing it best. There’s no monotony when you play an i-Slots game – after a few spins, you’ll enjoy a short interactive game. You stay interested in your gameplay, and you have the chance to win even more.

Rival’s software is also designed with you in mind. Games are easy to navigate, with clear instructions and intuitive controls. They’re created using HTML5, so you can play on any device that has a browser.

Of course, fairness is paramount to an established company like Rival. That’s why it uses a state-of-the-art Random Number Generator to guarantee that every game outcome is entirely random.

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