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Gamefish Global is one of the most recent gaming development companies entering the online casino market. The brand was established in 2018, with its main headquarters based in Australia and a slew of experts in land-based and online gaming creations.

This premium casino company may be new to the market, but the team members who make up the talented crew have decades of gaming experience.

To truly make their mark in this competitive industry, Gamefish Global put together amazing packages and tempting offers, alluring top-of-the-line casinos to publish their titles.

Why Gamefish is Different from the Rest

Gamefish didn’t come into the industry with small goals in mind. In fact, this brand entered as the big fish with technology, strategy, and packages that made them the perfect catch.

Gamefish Global made themselves stand out from the crowd with high-end technology and tools like GameNet servers and GameCast platforms, offering software to providers and players that is easy to run and navigate.

Within just one year of business, Gamefish landed a deal with a new, quickly popular casino provider, WeAreCasino’s. Combing the style, skills, and expertise of the two companies created a library of great games with user-friendly interfaces, diverse and unique game selections, and cross-platform capabilities.

With most of the latest releases utilizing HTML5 technology, the casino games available from the company can be obtained by anyone carrying a smart device.

Explore Gamefish’s Portfolio

Gamefish has a mini portfolio full of games ranging in a variety of topics and themes. Most of these slots offer a high average return rate and impressive game-play features.

If you are wondering what types of games this company has to offer, here is a list of a few of our favorites:

  • Heavenly Quest. Fairy-tale characters are on the hunt for the greatest reward. In this slot game, three stars provide you with multipliers that will convert into a larger multiplier providing a bigger payout.
  • World of Monsters. In the world of monsters, you get fun free spin features where you choose from 10 or 25 free spins. The fewer spins provide larger multipliers.
  • Femme Pirates.This pirate-themed slot offers an array of riches to uncover, with bonus spins, instant play, and bonus round features.
  • Arm of Courage. Characters battle it out to be the most famous and wealthiest in the world. You can use free spins to earn multipliers which are based on the champion you choose.

Gamefish Global from NUX Games

NUX Games is a B2B casino game provider that brings top-quality games to online casinos. You can find Gamefish Global titles along with many others in the company’s game catalog, offering various casino brands quality, fun, and mobile-friendly games.

Summing up Gamefish Slots

Gamefish slots are well-designed and easy to use on all types of mobile devices. While the company isn’t huge and doesn’t have many titles available to date, they do provide fair and fun products wrapped up in an exciting and interesting package.

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