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eZeeWallet is a new eWallet service launched in 2020 by a long-standing fintech company – Emerchantpay. It was pioneered during the pandemic to expand the services of the parent company and has a strong focus on the online casino market. It doesn’t differ much from other eWallet services, but it has some unique aspects. Check these out below along with our list of eZeeWallet casinos in Australia.

eZeeWallet Casinos

How eZeeWallet Online Casinos Work

eZeeWallet is a standard payment method that can be used to make easy payments online. It holds an FCA license and certifications by ISO and PCI DSS. These ensure your funds are safe. The fact that is backed by Emerchantpay adds to its legitimacy and reach. EZeeWallet works with all its partners and can be used in nearly 200 countries. Some notable names include Apple Pay and Google Pay, both viable options to fund your eZeeWallet.

Before you can do that, you must set up an online account through the eZeeWallet website. Personal and background details are required and must be verified to enjoy the full list of its benefits.

Following this initial step, you can join one of the eZeeWallet casino sites from this page. Several Australian gambling sites employ this payment system. As long as you have at least A$10 in your eZeeWallet, you can transfer the funds through the casino deposits page. Cashing out is equally simple and you can proceed via the cashier/withdrawal section.

There are no hidden fees to eZeeWallet payments and all transactions are nearly instant. Ensure the above perks aren’t influenced by the casino’s terms.

Getting the Most Out of eZeeWallet

Avoiding any potential worry with using eZeeWallet goes hand in hand with choosing the right online casino. Whether or not they’re accessible doesn’t mean they’re reputable. Before diving into a new online casino head first, you want to do a little research on the platform.

This can include:

  • User ratings
  • Testimonials
  • Reviewing their licensing
  • Testing demo games
  • Testing initial bets with small amounts

Sometimes, you won’t know if a platform is right for you until you test the waters. Your best bet in getting the most out of eZeeWallet, regardless of the online casino, is by comparing all of the available promotions.

It isn’t too hard to spend on your favourite pokies with eZeeWallet, but to really scale your earnings, you need platforms that don’t skip on the bonuses. These are bound to vary, which means you’ll want to keep a watchful eye on several platforms. Any form of gambling will come with its ups and downs, but eZeeWallet helps reduce some of the stress with transactions.

The moment you end up strewth, you’ll want fast solutions to get the money you deserve. Although many different payment methods are available, eZeeWallet is known as one of the most efficient and secure options. It may not be for everyone, but the track record that eZeeWallet has built makes it one of the most reliable solutions for online gambling.

The Longevity of eZeeWallet

You might be wondering what separates eZeeWallet from other recognized payment solutions. It’s helpful to look at this from a technological standpoint. eZeeWallet has found a way to address the current needs of pokie players and online gamblers in the Australian market.

Due to its adaptability, the service has already proven able to shapeshift to changing requirements within this space. These are individual efforts on the part of the organization, which is something you won’t find with every payment provider.

Although regulatory changes can pose challenges for the service, this is a hurdle they’re no stranger to. With the expanding popularity of digital wallets stemming from the crypto industry, eZeeWallet has found a spot between multiple industries. Nevertheless, players can rest assured that the eZeeWallet won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

As great as the service is, players should always consider whether or not it’s the right choice for them. This can easily be assessed through the apparent pros and cons of eZeeWallet. Although it caters to a broad range of needs in the online casino space, the service may not be fitting for everyone.

There’s a reason so many different services like eZeeWallet exist, but they’ve carved out a target market for themselves that helps them stand out. Of course, you can switch from the service at any time, but it’s popularity has become a driving interest for people who are ready to be more aggro with their earnings.

Pros and Cons of eZeeWallet Online Casinos

It should be easy to identify the perks eZeeWallet casino banking brings to the table by reading the above. Instant deposits and withdrawals. No payment fees. Security and support verified by third parties.

However, if you look a little deeper, there’s even more reasoning for the popularity behind eZeeWallet. Many people don’t consider the benefit of accessibility, as eZeeWallet is a top solution for the Australian market.

Moreover, players should also consider how using such a service benefits the gaming experience. The platforms’ efficiency and trustworthiness give players a more effective payment solution for making quick decisions.

We cannot really fault eZeeWallet for anything. It is an excellent mediator between you and the online casino, with the only minor downside being the need for an eZeeWallet account to gamble at casinos.

eZeeWallet Casino Bonuses and Games

Our team has not just found the eZeeWallet casinos in Australia and listed them here. We took the time to secure exclusive deals for our readers. You can use our dedicated links and promo codes to sign-up and make eZeeWallet deposits for unique benefits. These range from deposit bonuses to free spins or both. Some operators will credit your account with free money on sign-up.

That should be enough to give you a taste of the gaming options at each eZeeWallet casino we recommend.


eZeeWallet is a secure and convenient eWallet available at online casinos. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table, with similar services to Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. However, eZeeWallet casinos come with fewer fees. This might not matter if you are a casual player, but if you are a high roller you might want to check it out.

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