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A team of skilled, talented, and experienced game developers created the Boomerang company in 2018. This company, based in Australia, is well known for its exceptional online and land-based casino games.

Although the company is only five years old, the team that made it all possible has over 23 years of combined experience in the gambling industry.

Slots, Jackpots, and Scratch Cards

Boomerang Studios is a talented group of developers that focus most of their attention on slots, jackpots, and scratch cards.

All of the games in the Boomerang library are created with mobile devices in mind. The HTML5 technology offers players across the globe easy access to their favorite reels from literally anywhere with an internet connection.

Each game can be played through a large number of online casino companies that are reputable and top-quality.

At this point, the company only has ten slot games out there, but it is progressing and will no-doubt release more fantastic titles in the near future.

The Top Boomerang Studios Games

All of Boomerang Studios’ games are well-designed with fun themes, creative features, and spectacular graphics. The 3D graphics are impressive, to say the least, and are made for mobile use.

While there is a variety of themes available in this company’s library of games, there are a few we found to be a bit more intriguing than the others:

  • Crystal Wolf Lightning Chase. The graphics are beautiful with vivid arouras and mystifying features. Players have the chance to unlock wins and collect multipliers throughout the game.
  • Temple Frenzy. This game is easy to play, and the theme is unique and exciting. Players have access to extra wild stacks and free spins.
  • Gems of Egypt. As Boomerang’s first released title, Gems of Egypt is a creative and intense option for all players with dynamic reels and bejeweled mysteries.

What Makes Boomerang Studios Stand Out?

Boomerang Studios’ website is simple yet modern. The graphics and sound quality are excellent in all the titles they offer. You won’t be overwhelmed by a crazy amount of characters, and the sound isn’t going to become so annoying that you feel like you have to mute it.

With this company, you also get a nice variety of games, from traditional fruit and gems to mysterious woods with mythical creatures.

Boomerangs Connecta Way

Connecta Way is a new system that was developed to offer serious players looking for serious game options where there are fewer distractions and more gameplay advantages.

Using this system shows what types of customers Boomerang is reaching for, developing a library of casino titles for those who are looking to make money.

Although the user interface is fairly easy to use, no matter how experienced you are, you can be sure to find games that offer a big payout… if you’re lucky.

If you are looking for a company with interesting titles, great features, and a reputation for reliability and security, Boomerang Studios is one of the best up-and-coming brands around.

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