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PayPal is among the first eWallets to enter the market over 2 decades ago. It is employed for online payments in most countries, including Australia. It allows users to transfer funds from their cards or banks to PayPal, and then make anonymous payments online with added speed.

PayPal Casinos

Security and safety are the tenants of the PayPal payment system, which are extended to the online casinos supporting it. If you already have a PayPal account, the following operators should be your go-to.

How PayPal Online Casinos Work

PayPal casinos work in the same way as Skrill, Neteller, and MiFinity casinos. It’s an eWallet, allowing users to add funds from other payment systems or receive payments online. Many users store their money on PayPal or use them to pay for things online.

Australians can also use PayPal to gamble online. Most licensed and legit operators allow PayPal casino deposits and withdrawals. To begin, you will need to create a PayPal account. The next step is adding money to it, and you can then choose how much you want to transfer to the casino to gamble.

The process is instant with PayPal and only involves small fees of 2 – 3% of the amount. Casinos will only ask for your PayPal email address and to provide the amount you wish to deposit. Withdrawals at PayPal casino sites work similarly and take minutes to show up. Just make sure that the casino doesn’t take long to process payments.

Pros and Cons of PayPal Online Casinos


  • Most popular eWallet in the world
  • Low fees compared to other eWallets
  • Instant casino deposits and withdrawals
  • Can help keep your personal information private
  • Accepted at most operators
  • Lightning fast payments


  • Fees apply to your casino transactions
  • Some casinos might restrict bonuses for PayPal deposits
  • PayPal casinos become harder and harder to find in Australia

Digging into the upsides

PayPal has already seen immense acceptance across the online gambling space. However, the benefits are only getting better with time. From reliable security to being an effective intermediary between online casinos and banks, PayPal is a trusted payment method.

What reels people in about PayPal is that it delivers a comprehensive service. Everything you need is in one convenient place, with plenty of support behind it.

A review of the drawbacks

As mentioned earlier, PayPal is known to have a fair share of fees. While plenty of people are okay with this, it’s a hot topic among those in the online casino community who feel otherwise.

Most PayPal transactions incur fees of 2% to 3%. Even if this doesn’t sound like much, it can end up being sizable for larger transactions. For the players, this can feel like somewhat of a ripoff.

In addition, PayPal processing times aren’t always the fastest. Some may even take one or more business days, depending on the time of the transaction and the involved banking institutions.

Does the Competition Compare?

One might argue that there are superior payment methods available. While some aspects of this may be true, this doesn’t negate the benefits PayPal brings to the world of online casinos.

For many people, PayPal offers everything they need in one place, so they have a hard time seeing themselves change systems entirely. Even if PayPal’s fees are a little offputting, it’s still a trusted brand name that makes players feel a lot more comfortable about their choices.

They also know that they have access to support if they need it. With less reputable payment providers, some of the assurances aren’t there, making it more difficult to build trust.

PayPal’s historical success with handling transactions and private information makes it an easy choice for pokie players in Australia. It definitely isn’t perfect, but PayPal is far from the worst payment provider in online gambling.

PayPal Casino Bonuses and Games

Companies like PayPal prioritize their reputation over new partnerships. This means that you will only find PayPal at the crème de la crème of online gambling operators. This also extends to their gaming lobbies, which are powered by renowned iGaming developers. All listed casinos are powered by 20+ vendors and pack gaming catalogues that exceed 2,000 titles.

We would also never send you to a PayPal online casino that doesn’t give out free money bonuses or free spins. Our team has listed each offer available at your first deposit via PayPal on this page, and you can pick accordingly.

Laws and Regulations

PayPal has been around for quite some time, and its applications, use cases, and capabilities have changed drastically. While PayPal may be an easy, go-to option for the time being, it doesn’t take much for this to change.

For example, PayPal has left certain countries due to local laws or regulations. Sometimes, they were forced out, and other times, they chose to leave. Thankfully, for many years now, Australians have been able to easily put PayPal to use.

The same goes for punters at many online casinos. The platform’s benefits are clear as day, and its efficiency helps fuel the quick-turning nature of online casinos.

The Future of PayPal in Online Casinos

Considering its widespread popularity before its integration into online gambling, PayPal won’t be going anywhere any time soon. The platform will only become a more integral part of online casinos, allowing players to make seamless payments.

Innovations we could see in the future include:

  • Improved security practices
  • More widespread bonus options through PayPal
  • Better streamlined integrations for quicker solutions
  • Expansion into the cryptocurrency sector

Throughout the years, PayPal has found many new integrations to expand its use cases and user base. This strategy has worked before, and it will work in the Australian online casino space as well.


The PayPal name should ring a bell indifferently to your age or location. It is the most respected eWallet globally, and finding a PayPal casino means you are in safe hands. Our team has gathered all operators that take the money and send payments to PayPal, and you can click on our links to begin playing online or via your mobile device.

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