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Mobilots may not be very well-known amongst others in the industry. However, they do offer quite a library of impressive slots and mobile casino gaming titles. These games are well-designed and come in a variety of interesting themes and impressive graphics.

Although the brand is relatively young and not easily recognized as other developers are, they do prove their worth in many ways, providing amazing technology, software, and techniques in all their products.

What Mobilots Has to Offer the Casino Gaming World

In such an over-saturated industry, every company out there has to bring some serious game in order to make a name for themselves. This takes talent, experience, and knowledge in the gaming industry.

Mobilots is lucky enough to mark all the boxes with a big ole check thanks to a dedicated team of experts in math, design, art, and development, amongst other things.

This array of skills helps the company come up with unique gaming concepts and an assortment of interesting titles, themes, and designs.

Who is Mobilots

Mobilots is an iGaming company based in Malta with more than 30 casino titles to date. The company has a few games within the video poker arena, but the majority of its focus is on slots.

This independent software development company builds gaming platforms with HTML5 technology to improve the gameplay experience no matter which device you own.

Thanks to their innovative technology, out-of-the-box creations, and superior gaming knowledge, the company has been able to partner up with some of the biggest gaming companies around.

What Games Can You Expect to See?

Like most other slot development brands, you will see a variety of titles and themes created by the company. You can expect video slots for sure, with various video poker titles tossed in. Unlike other big-name developers, you can also play arcade-style games that are fun and unique.

Each game is loaded with fun features and is more than exciting to play. With so many titles available, it is hard to choose our favorites. But we tried anyways, and here is what we came up with.

  • Candy Cash
  • Fortune 88
  • Jungle
  • Panda Wilds
  • Puppy Party
  • Neon Cowboy

While spinning the reels, you might notice that some of these games don’t offer the same superior-quality graphics compared to the bigger providers with more established histories. Nonetheless, the themes are different, to say the least, and the background, graphics, music, and gameplay are definitely nothing to sneeze at.

With a little more time and experience, this company is sure to make its way up the iGaming market ladder.

Licenses That Make Mobilots a Trustworthy Brand

You probably want to know if you can trust that Mobilots is a reputable and reliable gaming developer; we don’t blame you one bit. You can rest assured the games offered by this company are safe and very secure since it has to follow the laws and regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority and those of the UK Gambling Commission, as it holds licenses for both authorities.

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