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Reels: 3 Min/Max Bet: $0.10 to $10.00
Paylines: 1 and 5 Jackpot: 20,000
RTP %: 96.5 Software: Microgaming

What to Know About Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot

An afternoon spent at your nan’s has never been as hilarious (or potentially profitable) as it is in the Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot pokie. Featuring one of the most unusual themes around, this pokie machine transforms time with your knitting gran and her dozing cat into a prime opportunity to earn some of the piles of cash she has left lying around. And if you play your reels right, you might even win a crack at lawn bowling in the process.

Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot’s uniqueness extends beyond its aesthetic into its core gameplay as well. A classic three reel pokie with only one payline awards chances to spin a second three reel pokie, this one with five paylines and chances to actually increase your bet. And if that’s enough, there’s even a bonus minigame you can unlock in the course of play. Read on to learn all the tips and tricks you’ll need to outwit gran and make the most of this zany opportunity.

Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot’s Wacky Theme

The aesthetic here in Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot definitely matches its somewhat zany theme. The entire experience revolves around a visit to your nan. Gran herself is visible off to the side of the screen, wielding her knitting needles and bearing a head of bubble gum pink hair. Along with her trusty feline companion, she sits atop a pile of cash. Your goal: earn your inheritance.

The graphics are appropriately bright and colourful, with lots of quirky details included for the discerning eye. Lots of humorous touches, from the depiction of Gran to the ridiculous animations, make this pokie a memorable one to play. It’s never been more fun to steal money from a sweet old lady.

Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot includes two separate screens along with a bonus minigame themed around lawn bowling that has its own hilarious video animation of your nan rolling colourful balls down the grass. There are seven different reel symbols on the first screen that start with some classics like cherries and sevens before moving into quirkier options like knitting sets, teacups, pate, and jewellery boxes. Gran herself rounds out the set. Additional symbols on the second screen include a cruise boat and a young gold digger presumably also after Gran’s fortune.

Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot – Two Games in One!

Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot is a far cry from your usual pokie machine. Despite its unusual nature, however, it remains very easy to get started. Since most options are set for you, the only real choice you have before spinning is to lock in your bet. Bets start as low as $0.10 and go as high as a max bet of $10.

Once you’ve locked in your bet, you spin on the main screen. This part of the game offers a fairly traditional three reel format. With only a single payline to keep track of, it’s hard to get simpler than this. Where Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot starts to go off the rails a bit is in the payouts.

Instead of awarding standard cash payouts for winning combinations, the game instead grants you ‘win spins.’ The number of win spins you earn is based on the symbols you hit. Three cherries only award a single win spin while three Grans award the maximum amount of twenty-five win spins.

These win spins are immediately spent rolling on a second screen. While this screen keeps the same three by three grid of the original, it switches to five paylines instead of only one. Utilizing whatever bet you’d locked in prior to earning your win spins, you then keep spinning here to earn actual credits for each winning combination you hit. Payouts range from 1x your bet for the knitting symbol all the way up to 500x your bet if you win with three Grans. Once you’ve exhausted all your win spins, you return to the first screen and resume the cycle over again.

Go Bowling in Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot

Besides the nonstandard format, this pokie incorporates two other noteworthy special features you need to know about before you can make the most of your afternoon at Gran’s. The first is the inclusion of nudge and hold mechanics. Both of these are only usable on the first screen to help you earn win spins more easily.

Hold lasts for a single spin and allows you to select a reel and keep it the same even as you spin the others. Nudge, on the other hand, lets you shift a reel’s position forward one spot at a time. This can be done up to four times back-to-back based on how many available nudges you have. Nudge opportunities are randomly received in the course of play.

Once you’re on the second screen, there’s an additional bonus feature you can play called the ‘Bowling Green Video Feature.’ Whenever you line up three bowling bowls, you instantly enter this special mini game. You have to pick a colour of bowling ball that you think will get closest to the pins at the end, and then watch Gran hurl the balls across the lawn. Based on where your chosen ball lands, you can win a bonus prize up to 2000x your current bet.

Enjoy an Afternoon with Your Nan

Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot is a wild ride. With its unconventional format and crazy aesthetic focused around making off with a wealthy granny’s hoarded riches, it definitely stands out from the crowd. The addition of the bowling bonus game further helps break up the monotony of spinning even more than the two screens already do, leaving the Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot pokie incredibly dynamic compared to many others on the market.

The lack of a progressive jackpot and relatively limited betting options does reduce the likelihood of hitting it big. However, this pokie’s good RTP and unique approach more than make up for it. Billion Dollar Gran Online Slot seems perfect for the player who wants an experience counter from the norm.

While splitting the game across two screens risked making it feel slow, the first screen makes it much easier than usual to hit thanks to the nudge and hold mechanics, which means you don’t waste too much time waiting to get to the real bets. As a result, this decision ultimately adds a fun twist to the traditional pokie formula. So, settle into a comfy chair, kick back, and enjoy some tea and crumpets today!