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Just taking a look at the visuals, Candy Dreams may not look like the most exciting pokie out there. However, you shouldn’t judge this book by its cover, considering it hails from Microgaming, which is known for multiple pokie hits.

Candy Dreams

In this review, you’ll find out what makes Candy Dreams so popular, alongside an unfiltered take on whether it’s worth the money.

Standout Features:

  • 5 reels and 720 payout lines
  • Jackpot amount: 100x
  • Payout: 96.82%
  • Payout: 110,000 coins

What Makes Candy Dreams So Popular?

Most aspects of this pokie’s gameplay are relatively normal to many other games on the market. What has many pokie players under wraps is the number of paylines that Candy Dreams brings to the table.

With 720 different paylines in the game, you have a very high chance of landing a winning combination. The game comes with a variety of candy-themed symbols in addition to features like free spins and bonuses.

Candy Dreams Pokie

The visuals of this pokie aren’t really its most notable feature, but the players don’t care. No one argues when there are 720 paylines, making it an excellent pokie for consistent small wins. Although this is the main reason this pokie game is put on a pedestal, it isn’t the only important thing to mention if you’re new to the title.

Basics of the Gameplay

Candy Dreams makes the gameplay pretty straightforward. You won’t have to deal with fixed paylines, making for an even more streamlined gambling experience. The overzealous casino dags may not be too impressed with the gameplay, but the numerous small wins speak for themselves.

Although you can place a max wager of $5, these can quickly multiply into much bigger winnings. The game incentivizes one spin after another, as it’s all about hitting as many symbol combinations as possible. Considering how many paylines there are, this gives many players all the confidence they need to keep coming back for more.

Notable gameplay features and events include:

  • Wilds can substitute for any other symbol
  • The scatter symbol (rainbow lollipop) triggers 12 free spins if players land 3 or more on the reels
  • Three bonus symbols (pink orb) trigger the Candy Planet bonus

The 720 paylines are a huge selling point, but it should be noted that special events are known to be quite rare. Most pokie players admit the Candy Planet bonus and scatter symbols are far and few between. In short, Candy Dreams is a great game for pokie players who aren’t interested in throwing all of their money down the loo.

Good Luck Winning Big

Candy Dreams prides itself on giving players many small wins, but players are interested in big wins too. The unfortunate truth is that these aren’t so common with this particular pokie, and this is more than likely by design.

The max payout you’ll find with this pokie is 110,000 coins, and it’s only fitting that any player would try to shoot that high. Of course, the odds of this happening are pretty rare, as most players are lucky to ever see 20x to 40x their bet. For reference, this is far below the max payout, but the potential is there.

A Look at the Math

You can get to the fine print of payout frequency merely by looking at a few numbers related to the Candy Dreams pokie. With a high RTP rate of 96%, players can enjoy small wins more often than other pokies might offer.

Between historical data and our hands-on experience, players can expect Candy Dreams to dish out small wins every few spins. Most rewards tend to only be 4x or 5x your initial bet, with larger wins like 10x or 20x being noticeably less frequent.

Play Candy Dreams Anywhere

What many pokie players look for in online casino games is their capability with various devices. People want to be able to start and stop gambling wherever they are, and this is still a feature that isn’t found with all online casino games.

In regard to Candy Dreams, you can play this pokie on any device, and you don’t have to download any applications to do it. The game’s mobile version is seamless on Apple and Android devices, and everything is handled right in the browser.

The game is enticing as it’s easy to pick up and makes you feel like a winner from the jump, but you should always consider the potential downside before spending any money.

The ups and downs of pokies

You’ll find several pros and cons with any pokie, but with Candy Dreams, there are some points that carry more weight than others. Thankfully, there isn’t much working against the pokie game, but you can find varying sentiments from us and the pokie community below.

Pros Cons
● Simple and easy gameplay
● Generous but somewhat elusive free spins round
● Over 700 paylines
● Great quality on any device
● Very minimal learning curve
● Big wins are relatively rare
● Not the greatest option for high-rollers
● The theme isn’t the most exciting compared to many modern pokies
● Bonus features are somewhat limited

The unbiased take is that Candy Dreams is excellent for the casual pokie gambler but not for consistent high rollers. Individuals looking to land large payouts, sizable jackpots, and lots of bonuses may want to look elsewhere.

Keep in mind these pros and cons are pretty much set in stone for most people as the pokie has had some time on the market. Plenty of people, including ourselves, have spent hours determining the strengths and weaknesses of this particular pokie. There is a long list of preferences when it comes to online gambling, and it seems Candy Dreams exists to satisfy a specific niche of pokie players.

The bottom line

Candy Dreams acts as a staple in the pokie community with classic gameplay that doesn’t go over the top for no reason. Its gameplay is quick and direct, and the minimal learning curve means you can pick it up and get started at any time.

It’s an excellent pokie that dishes out low wins, perfect for those who don’t feel like going crook while they gamble.