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AMATIC Industries is a successful and popular gaming product manufacturer with experience in the industry for many years.

The HTML 5 format lets players from around the globe enjoy their online market of various casino games. The games are well-known throughout the industry and bring life to online casino play.

Although the brand found success with physical cabinet-style slots, they have moved their way up the ranks to virtual play.

Who is AMATIC Industries (AMANET Gaming)

AMATIC Industries opened its doors in 1993 and made its way to the top of the industry, continuously growing and expanding for nearly 30 years.

AMATIC Industries started its gaming development journey in land-based casino games. Over many years of success, the company branched out and introduced its game to the online market through the development of AMANET.

Once AMANET was established, AMATIC Industry casino floor games were and still are available for customers to play all over the world and from any location they choose.

This successful development company offers long-term gameplay with an extensive library of well-established games.

How Many Titles AMANET Offers?

AMATIC Industries have released over 100 games to date.  Since they initially found success with physical slot machine options, these games make up a large portion of their library. However, slots are not the only innovative and exciting games available.

Players can also take part in video poker and table games. You will be impressed with the high-quality graphics and sound effects, allowing players to immerse themselves in each exciting game.

The table games available include various rounds of Roulette and Blackjack. There are also different versions of video poker, from traditional to not-so-traditional options, that vary on rules, card count, etc.

AMANET Technology and Platforms

Since all of the AMANET games are available in HTML 5 format, they can easily be accessed through any device, including Android, IOS, Windows, etc. You can hop on your computer at home and enjoy a quiet night playing the slots or gather around a table in your favorite restaurant with a group of friends and enjoy some quality time winning some money.

The company offers customizable user interface options with multiplayer systems and server-based lottery terminals. You will also find customized jackpots and winning opportunities.

AMATIC Industries Safety and Security

AMATIC Industries has always adapted to the requirements and regulations of every country its games operate out of. Customer support is always a top priority, along with a complete focus on security and responsible gaming.

AMATIC works closely with scientists, gaming experts, and authorities to ensure responsible gaming is always a consideration in operational and technical security and ensures peace of mind when it comes to player protection.

Final Thoughts on This Virtual Gaming Provider

When it comes to virtual slot games, you simply can’t beat the selection offered by AMATIC Industries. There is an opportunity to enjoy traditional floor-style casino slots along with new, innovative, and exciting options.

Unlike other software developers, AMANET from AMATIC Industries dedicates itself to consistently upgrading and implementing new ideas, gaming options, and new versions of old games.

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