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Even though Candy Bars is a widely popular pokie game, personal preferences still have a factor in whether or not it’s a fit for your gambling style. Its popularity can’t be argued with, but you won’t have a full scope of the game until you understand how it works inside and out.

Candy Bars Pokie Game

This review will offer a brief yet comprehensive take on the Candy Bars pokie game, pointing you and your money in the right direction.

Standout Features:

  • 4 reels and 50 paylines
  • Progressive jackpot
  • Payout: 94.8%
  • Payout: $250,000

Breaking Down the Gameplay

Boasting a vibrant theme that never tires out the eyes, Candy Bars is a pokie that offers fun gameplay and a loyal fanbase. With a progressive jackpot structure and small nuances that help it stand out from the norm, Candy Bars makes it easy to hop and start betting.

Candy Bars Pokie Game

Although the game is a fan favourite for many people, it’s definitely not for everyone. The 50 paylines are a big selling point, but Candy Bars don’t come with any to get free spins. As with any pokie game, there are several ups and downs.

Many people compare the gameplay to traditional pokies, hinting at its relatively simple design and repetitive gameplay. Players don’t get the benefit of numerous bonuses, but you will find wilds and multipliers you can take advantage of. It’s really as simple as that: get high multipliers, take advantage of wild symbols, and get rewards for a screen full of matching symbols.

How does the jackpot work?

Likely to be one of the game’s saving graces, there are three different progressive jackpots. These can be won randomly during spins, and you’ll find that each one comes with its own unique mechanics to help it stand out.

Other notable points about jackpots players should know about include:

  • A player’s jackpot is influenced by the results of their bets and spins.
  • The game saves the progress of a jackpot, allowing players to leave and return to the same gameplay.
  • Smaller jackpots are easier to trigger than larger jackpots. With the Giant jackpot being worth 40 times the bet, many players find the wait to be worth it.

It’s always crucial to remember that large jackpot winnings aren’t a guarantee, but giving it a crack can be fruitful with enough patience. The more time and money you put into a pokie, the higher chance you have of landing a jackpot. This isn’t new by any means, but it’s helpful to be transparent when some struggle to find the fun in a simpler game like Candy Bars.

Why people love to play Candy Bars

After a bit of thorough research among community members, it’s evident there are numerous reasons that play into the popularity of Candy Bars. It isn’t always just about the money, even though we all know that’s a primary reason for most people.

Players keep coming back to the Candy Bars pokie for the following reasons:

  • Offers a fun, modern twist on traditional pokie mechanics
  • Multiple locally progressive jackpots to benefit from
  • Vibrant and visually pleasing visuals from start to finish
  • Bonus modes come with a lower house edge than other pokies
  • Wide betting range compared to other pokie standards

We’re aware that personal preferences play into a lot of these sentiments, but some of these points are merely factual. Although Candy Bars is looked at as a relatively simple pokie, it has a few elements that make it a contender among others.

The Pokie’s Pros and Cons

For the most part, between our own research and comments from other players, the positives seem to outweigh the negatives for this pokie. That’s good news for anyone who was on the fence about the game, as most people are confident it’s worth the money.

The game may offer a high ceiling for max bets, but that doesn’t mean you ever have to go that far. As is normal with many online pokies, you can play the free version of Candy Bars to test the game’s features for yourself. Nevertheless, consider comparing the pros and cons and keep these in mind when you get around to playing the pokie on your own time.

Pros Cons
● Unique interface and vibrant animations
● Above average number of paylines
● Three different tiers of progressive jackpots
● Wilds and multipliers
● Free demo available
● High bet range
● Pick up and play on any device
● No traditional bonuses or free spin rounds
● High variance in betting outcomes
● Lacking additional gameplay features

A few of these points may be deal breakers for some, but Candy Bars is a pokie that’s set up to be playable by almost anyone. It may not be seen as the most profitable choice, but it’s excellent for casual players who aren’t looking for something too intense.

Who Should Avoid This Game?

If you want to look at the pokie from an objective standpoint, it’s pretty clear who wouldn’t have the best time with Candy Bars. For example, people who enjoy numerous bonus options and tons of free spins may not enjoy the Candy Bars gameplay.

This pokie isn’t necessarily known for its handouts, which might be rather frustrating for some players. If you aren’t prepared to lose, then it’s also best to stick to low bids or choose a pokie that comes with a lower max bet.

Candy Bars definitely incentivizes higher bets, but these can also lead to more substantial losses. It’s all about weighing the game’s features and your personal preferences as a pokie player.

In conclusion

Once you take a look at the pokie from all sides, it becomes evident who the target market is. Nevertheless, any pokie enthusiast can easily access the game, but it’s best to keep the ups and downs in the back of your head.

This review takes an unbiased stance from both sides to highlight its strengths and weaknesses in an oversaturated market of pokie games.