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Reels: 5 Min/Max Bet: $0.25 – $125
Paylines: 243 Jackpot: 20,000
RTP %: 96.52 Software: Microgaming

What is Bikini Party?

Put on your trunks, rub in your sunscreen lotion, and get ready for a tantalizing day at the beach when you play the Bikini Party pokie machine. Inspired by a beach party with plenty of warm sunshine, soft sand, and soothing waves (not to mention hot babes), this pokie certainly knows how to grab a guy’s attention.

The game itself is fairly simple to play, making it the idle choice for someone just dipping their toe into the treacherous pokie waters. However, the addition of bonus features like free spins and the ability to respin a reel at will offer plenty of meat for more experienced players as well.

With no standard paylines and a high RTP, Bikini Party might just be the summer getaway you’ve been hunting for. Read on to learn more about this sunny escape and learn all the tips and tricks you’ll need to hit a killer serve during some nice beach volleyball.

Bikini Party Online Slot Machine Review

How Does Bikini Party Look and Sound?

The name of this pokie does a pretty good job letting you know what it is you’re in store for. With a beautiful ocean backdrop and the reels strung up between two poles in the visual representation of a volleyball net, Bikini Party seeks to bring to mind images of days spent lounging away at the beach, having fun in the sun.

The art style is visually reminiscent of anime, especially when it comes to the five scantily clad girls featured as symbols on the reels. Honey, Sunny, Daisy, Kitty, and, last but not least, Kiki, all appear in their own uniquely coloured bikinis representative of their individual styles. As you might expect, all of them are also gorgeous.

Bikini Party’s graphics are accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack that fits the party atmosphere perfectly. The music playing while you spin includes a couple different fun bits of pop music. It’s easy to lose yourself in the immersive experience, which is exactly what you’re looking for when selecting a pokie for the long haul. During a special free spin round, there’s even a distinct shift in the visuals that transports you to a lovely evening sunset with a special track.

The entire experience definitely feels more geared toward men given the emphasis on looking at attractive women while you play. The graphics themselves can also sometimes look a bit dated despite their fun aesthetic. Even still, Bikini Party’s theme stands out from the crowded pokie market and does a pretty good job drawing you in.

How Do You Play Bikini Party?

Unlike many other pokie machines, especially those you can find online, Bikini Party doesn’t include a standard selection of paylines. Instead, winning combinations simply require the correct symbols are adjacent to one another. With five reels and three visible rows on the screen, this results in the staggering equivalent of 243 possible paylines. Thank goodness the pokie keeps track of your wins so you don’t have to search for them all manually!

The lack of paylines leads to an incredibly simple betting scheme. All you need to decide to get started is how much you want to bet per spin. There’s a fairly wide range to accommodate differing player goals and needs, starting at only $0.25 per spin and ranging all the way to a max bet of $125 per spin. Just pick your preferred amount and spin away.

There are eleven total symbols present in Bikini Party:

  • These range from the five high-value girls to the lower-valued playing cards you’ll find included in many pokies.
  • The top jackpot comes from matching five girls in red bikinis, netting you a grand total of 160x your chosen stake.
  • While this leaves the jackpot relatively low compared to many other pokies, the ridiculously high number of paylines makes up for this with more frequent wins, spreading your earnings over a longer period of time.

What’s Special About Bikini Party?

On top of the standard winning combinations, Bikini party features two unique mechanics you should keep an eye out for that add a bit of extra flair to your summertime escape. The first is a free spin bonus round. To activate the bonus round, you need to land three or more of the volleyball scatter symbols spread across any of the reels. When this happens, you immediately earn 15 free spins.

All of your winnings during a free spin bonus round automatically come with a 3x multiplier, tripling the usual payout. With this multiplier, the standard jackpot shoots up from 160 times your bet to 480 times your bet. On top of this perk, it’s still possible to hit the volleyball scatter during the bonus round, earning additional free spins and extending your bonus round further.

The other special feature is the unique ability to respin your result. After your initial spin, you can select one of the five reels and respin it for an added cost, potentially changing its symbol to earn a winning combination.

As long as you are willing to pay the additional charge, you can keep respinning the chosen reel indefinitely until you either change your bet or trigger the free spin bonus round. While this feature may seem a bit unusual, it can definitely be worth it with a bit of luck and perseverance by transforming a near miss into a juicy payout.

Final Verdict: Is Bikini Party Worth Playing?

High RTP + free spins offer a fantastic value proposition for those willing to take a chance on the Bikini Party pokie. While men are likely to get the most out of the choice of aesthetic thanks to the attractive gals on display, anyone has the potential to win big.

There’s nothing here too complicated for new players to quickly pick up and get the hang of, especially when the betting is so straightforward. At the same time, the inclusion of chaining free spins and a paid respin option add some thrilling moments of excitement. If you’re searching for a pokie that hits consistently and often rather than one that hits big but only rarely, than Bikini Party could be precisely the beach vacation you need.