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NEM provides lightning-fast transactions and a scalable blockchain, catering to both users and coders. To make payments on the NEM blockchain and access online casinos that accept NEM, you’ll need to buy some tokens first.

NEM Casinos

The NEM cryptocurrency was created to facilitate decentralized payments, and casino platforms have benefitted from this. Our team has compiled this guide to help you play online at NEM casinos in Australia.

Australian Online Casinos Accepting NEM Payments

Regardless of the guide we provide, we never recommend platforms we wouldn’t play at. Numerous crypto casinos claim to be legit, but few actually live up to their promises. Our team has identified all NEM online casinos accepting Australians, but only the operators listed are safe, and secure, and offer great bonus codes and games to their players. You can click on any of the following and begin gambling today.

For years now, the Australian online casino market has been going through a lot of positive changes, with payment methods being a focal point. Technology is propelling the industry forward, and options like NEM are changing the way people look at the activity.

With more transparency and an equal amount of anonymity, people have less to worry about when it comes to betting their money. It’ll always demand proper due diligence and education before you can find success.

You’ll find that NEM and the online casino market will go through many more changes, but it’s all headed in the right direction. Better security, promotions, and assurances for those who are new to it all. For the veterans who have been there and done that, they see the benefits clear as day.

Making online casinos a safer environment for everybody will drive more incentives, players, and options for people to get involved. Don’t be fooled, as there will always be risk, but you can minimize some of that risk with safer payment solutions.

NEM Casinos Overview

NEM is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies globally, thanks to its peer-to-peer network. Multiple other users must verify payment before it is confirmed, but this doesn’t slow down the speed.

NEM tokens function similarly to Bitcoin, but they carry significantly lower value. This means you can purchase them at a lower cost and gamble via this crypto coin.

Although NEM offers similar benefits to other crypto casinos – no intermediaries, fee-free, instant payments, and transparency – it isn’t as popular as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. This can make finding a NEM casino on your own quite challenging.

How to Use NEM at Online Casinos

To start NEM gambling, you must first select one of the provably fair casinos supporting such payments. You can easily locate them on this page.

The initial step of the process is to register at the online casino. Click on the join now button and input your name, email address, password, date of birth, address, etc.

If you haven’t purchased NEM yet, you’ll need to create an account on a reputable crypto exchange like Cash App or Coinbase. You can then buy NEM coins using cards or banks.

Return to the NEM casino and click on the banking section. Click the NEM currency, enter the deposit amount, and provide your NEM wallet address. The payment should appear in your account instantly.

Like with any other legitimate cryptocurrency, NEM casino withdrawals are also feasible. Follow the same steps, and once the casino processes your request, you will receive your funds promptly.

Security You Can Trust

Not only do online casinos prioritize their security, but NEM doubles down on the matter, making players feel much more comfortable. It helps to protect and guarantee fair gaming, with transparent transactions and completely random outcomes with every bet.

You won’t find any issues with compliance and regulations on either side. NEM only works with online casinos that follow laws and regulations. This ensures longevity and a service that players can rely on with each passing day.

This trusting relationship between NEM and many online casinos has created interest within the Australian market. Punters are eyeing it as their main payment provider, and its ease of use and anonymity are highly attractive in our digital age.

The reality is that cybersecurity is a concern for everyone, and cryptocurrency and blockchain technology offer some of the best solutions in this realm. As always, NEM won’t always be perfect, as it’s still subject to market volatility. This means it can either go up or down, potentially affecting the value of your earnings and the money you plan on betting with.

Building a Community

When you consider the dedicated communities that are found in both gambling and cryptocurrency, you can assume there’s plenty of support online. Whether you’re looking for online casino strategies or expert advice on navigating NEM, it’s all easily accessible.

Here’s how you can use these communities to your advantage:

  • Learn about promotions across different online casinos
  • Participate in drawings or special offerings only found on specific platforms
  • Access certain events to learn new strategies or education on the subjects
  • Find support in learning best practices with cryptocurrency and online gambling

Regardless if you’re new or a veteran, it never hurts to work with some added support. This can help to minimize your losses, especially if you’re new to a certain game, strategy, or payment solution. It can all sound relatively convoluted at first, but solutions like NEM make it all more streamlined than it has ever been.

Among the many payment solutions available to online casinos, it’s hard to pass up on the benefits that NEM brings to the table. The ongoing efficiency of using NEM to deposit funds and place your bets can help you to focus on what’s more important, which is the game in front of you.


By following the above steps and tips, you can begin playing at NEM online casinos in a matter of minutes. Cashing out takes the same time as depositing, and you can rest assured that the NEM blockchain will keep your funds safe.

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