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Gaming Developer and CEO Andrea Sipone started the Gameshy company in 2016. This new business venture was initiated in Rome, Italy, where a talented team came up with interesting and appealing titles for players around the world to enjoy.

Gameshy has a small list of games in its portfolio but chooses to focus on its game quality of game quantity, putting its selections in high demand on online casino sites.

When Gameshy Began

Gameshy is only seven years old, and yet the company has already made a name for itself in the iGaming industry. This growth in success wasn’t accomplished easily; it took hard work and drive from the team members.

Soon after opening day, the company decided to open booths at various industry events, such as Enada Primavera and ICE in London. By doing so, they were able to make connections with big names and open themselves up more than ever before to everyone else in this space.

Gamshy made sure to showcase the talent possessed by the people who created its amazing titles and quickly stood out amongst the others.

Gamshy’s Best Qualities

Gameshy has a lot of talent when it comes to iGaming software and development. However, its biggest strengths come within the 3D animation and imagery used to accomplish intricate and intoxicating storylines.

This artistic talent also shines through when you see the mechanics used to increase gameplay and the features available to keep things interesting.

The amount of success this company has already accrued is credited to the games being designed in-house from start to finish. This allows the developers to carry out their vision without any interference or change in direction.

Available Titles from Gamshy

When scrolling through the available games designed by Gamshy you will only find a handful of titles, with our last count sitting at just 10. All of the games available through this brand are slots at the moment, with no table games or sports betting opportunities available.

While you might not get a large array of gaming titles, the ones you will find will keep you entertained as long as you partake in spinning the reels.

Here is a list of Gamshy’s available titles:

  1. Jumping Sushi
  2. Kraken Island
  3. Western Barn
  4. Tubolarium
  5. Bad Monsters
  6. Digestions
  7. Fruit Tribe
  8. Toon Cops
  9. Sweet Maniacs
  10. Inferno

The games are interesting, to say the least, and they can be found on a number of casino websites and leading iGaming operators.

Gamshy Fairness and Credibility

Gamshy offers players fair and highly credited games. Every game in their portfolio is verified by iTech Labs and BMM Technologies, which are highly reputable companies that thoroughly vet each product to ensure all players get a fair shot.

Our Thoughts on Gamshy

Gamshy is an up-and-coming casino game developer. Although they only have ten games to their name at the moment, there is no doubt we will see more successful titles in the near future.

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