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Chance Interactive is a newcomer to the slot development industry, with less than ten years under its belt. Since opening its doors in 2014, the intelligent and dedicated team members of the company have been working hard to build themselves a substantial reputation.

As of today, Chance Interactive only offers a handful of slot titles but is continuing to create HTML5 games available to players everywhere.

Chance Interactive Gaming Over the Years

Chance Interactive is a gaming development company from Sydney, Australia. The main focus was developing interactive, high-quality, and exciting slot games for online casino companies around the world.

As the company started to grow in popularity, there was a decision to re-brand, calling themselves ReelPlay and integrating new technology, skills, and programming to create even more successful reels in the B2B market.

ReelPlay Operations and Games

ReelPlay consists of a talented group of collaborators that take part in all aspects of the development of each game.  They offer all types of gaming concepts for SKD, API, and RTPs.

While there may not be a ton of titles under this brand, the ones they have provided to the masses are quite impressive.  All of them are slot games but vary in gameplay, themes, and features.

Reel Play Slots to Check Out

Chance Interactive, now ReelPlay, offers a small collection of games with unique themes and attractive titles. Each game offers a straightforward player interface that is easy to understand, even for those who have never spun reels before.

The graphics are pretty impressive, and the soundtracks are spot on. In-game elements, details, and features are all fantastic, making these games exciting no matter how long you play.

Some of our favorite options from this company include:

  • Giza. A Chance Infinity Slot game with an ancient Egyptian theme. This title provides players with 3 pay lines and 3 reels. It is packed with great features, including free spins, bonus buys, and Win multipliers.
  • El Dorado. Another 3 reels and 3 pay line Chance Interactive game, El Dorado is based on a Central American Jungle and Aztec artifacts. The features in this game include Free spin triggers, high-value bejeweled gemstone symbols, and a Jackpot that reaches 888x your bet.
  • Atlantis. No slot development company can resist an Atlantis theme game. This six-reel slot has an RTP of 96.09 and is full of vibrant, beautiful underwater graphics in a Greek Mythology Theme. In this game, you will find features like scatters (A gold treasure chest), Fixed Jackpots, and in-game bonuses.

Where to Play Chance Interactive (Reel Play) Casino Slots

Reel Play and Chance Interactive games are available in numerous online casinos. All of the games under this brand are designed for cross-platform compatibility, which means you can use them on any Android, iOS, or Mac device.

Choose Chase Interactive Slots for Safe Gaming

Chance Interactive and Reel Play are licensed and regulated in Great Britain. This is monitored by the Gambling Commission. This license means you can play all of the titles in this brand’s portfolio with peace of mind.

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