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Booming Games is a high-end, next-level gaming development company. Their goal is to provide online casino’s modern, successful, and innovative titles to offer their customers.

All the games created by this company are dreamt up, designed, and come to fruition by the dedicated and crafty team.

If you haven’t heard of Booming Games yet, you should definitely check out some of the available titles offered through online casinos worldwide.

Who is Booming Games?

Booming Games is a professional gaming studio with a large team of developers who create and publish games for mobile and web-based play.

The company was founded in 2014 by Xi Wang. The business headquarters is located in the small town of Msida, Malta, in Europe. They also have a second office located in London.

The company is continuously growing its selection of online slots, with more than 50 games already available, and the company guarantees to release at least two games every month.

What Can You Expect from Booming Games Titles?

Booming Games boasts its high-end, next-level gaming solutions. They offer users innovative features and satisfying volatility ratings for all skill levels.

Each game is made with online gaming in mind, with success formulas and the latest developments in this industry.

Casino companies can enjoy regulatable bonus spins, multidirectional lines, and tailor-made titles to give a unique one-of-a-kind gaming experience to their players.

What About the Players?

Not only do the casinos who buy the games get access to fantastic perks, but so do the players who spin the reels.

As a player, you can expect top of the line gaming experience with an easy-to-navigate user interface and graphics that go above and beyond what you may be used to seeing.

Each of the games is developed with HTML 5 technology to give players the ability to access their favorite slots from anywhere with their mobile devices.

The software used to create each option is high-end, with phenomenal 3D graphics and fun, exciting, and unique titles for all types of tastes.

Can You Trust These Slots?

This company has integrated new technology into all of its games to provide not only amazing gameplay but safe gameplay.

They possess licenses and certificates in two jurisdictions, The UK Gambling Commission and The Malta Gaming Authority. Because these are some of the strictest regulations known in the industry, it is safe to say that the games offered by the company are highly regulated, safe, and fair.

Due to the company having such a fantastic reputation, you will find their slot titles in hundreds of casinos around the world.

Games to Play

Booming Games offers an extensive library of casino slots with tons of great titles. Here is a list of some of the top options we recommend you try:

  • King Cobra
  • Go Bonanza
  • Sphinx Fortune Hold and Win
  • Wombaroo Hold and Re-spin
  • The Jungle Empire
  • Let it Spin (A Christmas Themed Slot)
  • Money Moose
  • Red-hot Volcano
  • Rhino hold and Win

This is only a small selection of games available through this high-quality gaming provider. Check out their other titles today!

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