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Key Game Features

Reels 5
Jackpot Amount 50,000 coins
Paylines 10
Max. Wager $90
Payout % 92-98%
Bonus Round Yes
Software Novomatic
Max. Payout 5000x max
Theme Ancient Egypt
Jackpot type Normal

Overview of the Book of Ra

One of the cult favourite pokies, the Book of Ra is a game known for its high volatility. This means that the game will often pay big wins spread out, instead of a low volatility with small wins in rapid succession. You can wager anywhere from $0.02 up to $90. This pokie is known by just about all experienced gamblers.

When you look at the graphics, the Book of Ra has the classic ancient Egypt theme with an Indiana Jones-like character. This is perhaps one of the most successful Novomatic games that they ever produced. The unique bonus mechanism is part of what sets this game apart. From the special symbol, you can win free spins that you can expand no matter where you put them on the reels.


  • Undisputed classic and popular for a reason
  • High volatility for big winnings
  • The bonus rounds let you win more
  • Good payline wins

  • Outdated graphics
  • High minimum bets
  • Limited number of bonus games

Top 5 Reasons We Rated Book of Ra: Excellent

  1. The unique bonus rounds let you win more.
  2. Potential for huge winnings with high volatility.
  3. They pulled off the Ancient Egypt theme well.
  4. Good payline wins.
  5. The graphics are a bit outdated.

How to Play the Book of Ra

To put into perspective just how popular the Book of Ra has become, at the biggest top-level gambling places, casinos average a daily amount of bets of $5 thousand just on these games. To get started playing, you will need to activate 5 lines and put 10 paylines on it or however many you wish to play. Then, just tap the button to set the reels rolling.

When you achieve a winning combination with this one, you can increase the number of lines. If you win again, you can increase the line a second time. You can wager anything from $0.02 up to $90, but the higher you go, the greater your chances of bigger winnings. The Book of Ra has a variety of symbols that include scarabs, totems, jewels, explorers, and all the cards from A to 10. The cards represent a low value.

The most high-paid symbols in the Book of Ra include Pharaoh, an Indiana Jones-like character, the golden phoenix, and the sapphire bug. When you combine the symbol, it will give you double or triple the payout. The golden book of Ra symbol is considered the wild symbol, and it acts as a substitute for all other symbols—the only exception is the scatter symbol, which it can’t replace.

Jackpots and Bonuses with the Book of Ra

Depending on the version you play, the Book of Ra ranges in RTP from 92% to 98%. Most commonly, you will encounter it at 96%. The most you can win with the Book of Ra is $25,000, giving you a decent value. They released the Book of Ra back in March 2005, but even despite this pokie’s age, you find some interesting features. The Book of Ra includes scatters, wild symbols, free spins, and expanding symbols. The wild in this pokie is the scatter symbol. Those symbols can provide a fill in that lets you create winning combos.

Whenever you win in the Book of Ra, you can either choose to collect on the payout or keep gambling with it. When you gamble, you can choose between black or red. If you choose right, you get a payout increase, but if you choose wrong, you lose it all.

The real excitement in the Book of Ra happens when you trigger the bonus round. You instantly receive free spins when you trigger the bonus round, and you can use the free spins to trigger more bonus rounds. Even better, the developers set no limit to how many bonus rounds you could trigger, which will add to increased payouts.

Game Features: What to Know

If you ever tire of tapping the button to start the pokie, you can choose the autoplay feature. This lets you automatically spin them for however many rounds you want. You can also choose the quick spin feature, which speeds up the spinning reels. Look for the rabbit symbol next to the autoplay button. You can combine the quick spin feature with autoplay to create an even more fast-paced environment. Finally, you can hit the turbospin feature. Double-click the rabbit, and the game will spin even faster, and like with the quick spin feature, you can combine this with autoplay.


You can find the Book of Ra pokie in many places because this game saw a high level of success. Within the first year of its release, it quickly rose to becoming one of the world’s most played pokies. The exciting and unique bonus rounds, the artistic symbols, and the popular ancient Egypt theme all combine to make a wonderful game. The graphics haven’t aged well, but the overall gameplay remains just as exciting as it was when it first came out. This is the most successful pokie that Novomatic ever released and for good reason.