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TrueLab was founded in 2016 as part of the True Flip Group, a company known for its blockchain-based gaming platform. As an ambitious and forward-thinking developer, TrueLab set its sights on creating engaging and visually stunning games that push the boundaries of traditional online casino gaming. With a team of passionate and experienced professionals, TrueLab has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the casino gaming industry.

TrueLab Gaming Titles

There are just shy of 30 games in the TrueLab library of casino games. This is a fair number, but it’s a far cry from the hundreds you’ll find with bigger studios.

However, as is often the case with less robust companies like this, a smaller number generally means that they take more time to put out a quality product. That’s certainly the case here as the stunning graphics, the individual soundtracks, and thoughtfulness that goes into the storylines all line up to deliver a mesmerizing experience.

Take a peek here of what TrueLab has to offer:

  • Chain’s Code – This unique and ultra-modern slot game is inspired by the world of blockchain technology. It features a distinctive design with a matrix of symbols, where you can crack the code to unlock rewarding prizes.
  • Day & Night – This interesting game presents an eternal conflict between two deities – the bright, illuminating Day, and the mysterious, quiet Night. The game features double 3×3 reels, each ruled by one of the deities. It also includes wilds, free spins, and bonus rounds.
  • Mining Factory – Set in an industrial mining facility, this slot game combines futuristic graphics with a captivating storyline. You can collect energy crystals, trigger free spins, and enjoy the game’s high volatility.
  • Robby the Illusionist – This magical slot game takes you away to the enchanting world of a talented illusionist. With its spellbinding graphics, expanding wilds, and a special bonus game, Robby the Illusionist delivers a mesmerizing gaming experience.
  • Sunstrike – This space-themed game dazzles with its cosmic visuals and engaging gameplay. With expanding wilds, multipliers, and respins, Sunstrike offers a truly interstellar gaming experience.
  • Victoria Wild – This adventure-themed slot game takes you on an exciting journey with Victoria, a fearless explorer, as you uncover hidden treasures and ancient relics. The game features captivating visuals, expanding wilds, and a sandstorm feature that adds excitement to every spin.
  • Vikings: Frozen Gods: Step into the world of Norse mythology with this slot game. Each spin can unlock the blessings of ancient Gods and grant free spins, stacked wilds, or bonus games. The chilly Norseatmosphere is beautifully captured in the game’s design.

A Data-Driven Approach

While TrueLab definitely puts in the time to put out a quality product, there is another interesting aspect that goes into their game design: data. Their approach focuses on using analytics to inform decisions throughout the game development process, from conceptualization to final product. They consider market trends, player preferences, historical data, and more to design games that are irresistibly entertaining.

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