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Skrill is the most commonly used eWallet used for online gambling in the last few years. Pick one of the Skrill online casinos below that accept players from Australia or continue for more details on how they work.

Skrill casinos

How Skrill Online Casinos Work

Skrill is an eWallet, which you can sign-up for online for free. To use Skrill for transactions, you will first be asked to add some money via any payment method. A KYC procedure is also required to be a verified member and enjoy all the features.

From there, you can use your Skrill email to make instant deposits and cash withdrawals online. Pretty much all online merchants and casinos accept it, which explains its popularity. It’s a safe, secure, and quick payment method. The only downside is the fees applicable to your Skrill deposits.

Banking with Skrill casinos isn’t different from using the service elsewhere. Just find an operator from this page and create your online account. Visit the Cashier/Skrill section, enter the amount you would like to transfer, Skrill email, and confirm the transfer. Withdrawals can also be conducted in the same way, and payments should come through instantly.

Pros and Cons of Skrill Online Casinos

Although it’s evident that Skrill comes with plenty of benefits on the surface, no payment provider is ever perfect. They service a pretty broad target market, but the service still comes with its own pros and cons. In the bullet points below, you’ll find some of the most relevant details regarding how users feel about the platform.


  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Available at many AUD casinos
  • Flexible payment limits
  • Safe and secure payment method
  • No need for sharing your financial details


  • Requires a Skrill account
  • Fees up to 10% per payment
  • Might disqualify you from bonuses

Some of these points can be seen as subjective or objective, but they shouldn’t necessarily be a deal breaker for anyone. Regardless of the payment provider, caveats are always going to be involved. Skrill just so happens to be one of the better options, among others.

Pros and cons are important to review, but the deciding factor should come from an all-encompassing take on the service. Skrill offers much more than simple transactions, even if that’s the focal point of the operation.

Breaking Down Security Walls

You won’t have to stress over security measures, as Skrill has players covered from the start. This includes two-factor authentication (2FA), advanced encryption, and thorough fraud detection systems.

Players can keep their personal information secure and use Skrill as the faceplate for all of their payments. In our digital age, many people appreciate anonymity online, and Skrill leans directly into that target market.

Rest assured, all transaction activity is monitored, and numerous steps are in place to prevent unauthorized activity. Overall, it’s more than secure for punters to dive into the online casino space without worry.

Ease of Use

Accessibility is a major concern for people, especially when it comes to spending money. Skrill’s mobile app makes navigating this easy.

Available on both Android and iOS devices, the application offers the ability to handle transactions and monitor activity all in one place. Security is a priority in this space as well, so users can comfortably use Skrill services no matter where they are.

Couple these points with an intuitive UI and simple design, and you can cater to a broad target market. Skrill’s unparalleled convenience is quickly making it a top choice for punters throughout Australia. Outside of usability, there are a few standout points that drive significant user interest in the payment service.

Transaction speeds

The transaction speeds Skrill delivers trump the likes of many digital wallets and payment services on the market. This is especially true when compared to traditional bank transfers.

Quick transaction times are vital in the online casino industry, and only a handful of payment systems can guarantee this. Skrill has years behind its reputation, and the platform has only become better with time.

Players can enjoy near-instant transfers so they can place bets within seconds when quick reactions are needed most.

Device access

It’s easy to access Skrill regardless of your device or location. That means transfers can be initiated on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The same sentiment goes for those who are relaxing at home, commuting to work, or anywhere else. Some payment providers come with access limitations, but this isn’t an issue with Skrill’s services.

Customer support

Commonly overlooked among other benefits, effective customer support can go a long way when you really need it. Skrill is regarded for relatively prompt customer service, in addition to providing solutions.

Unnecessary back and forth with customer support can be offputting for customers, and Skrill understands this. Live chat, email support, and plenty of FAQs are available for punters to navigate their services.

It’s understandable if you need some help, but the Skrill app offers plenty of easy-to-digest guidance. Combine Skrill’s customer support with the platform’s safe and efficient services, and most online casino players have no reason to look anywhere else.

Skrill Casino Bonuses and Games

If you own a Skrill account, getting your hands on the best slots and casino games Down Under is a breeze. Any of the listed Skrill online casinos will meet your expectations, providing bonus-filled slot games, table games, lottery games, Rocket games, and live croupiers.

Make a A$25 or higher first deposit via Skrill and you will also enjoy some great bonuses. Australian casinos compete for your attention, and you can make some good money out of this. Just take note of any bonus code you might need to enter.


Skrill is a household name in the banking industry, and most online casinos have already embraced it. It is a reliable and fast payment method that can make your life easier when gambling online. Any of these listed Skrill casino sites are open to Australians and would make a great starting point.

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