Oryx (Now Bragg): A Top B2B Gaming Solution Provider for the iGaming Industry

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Oryx is one of the industry’s top B2B gaming solution companies that offer an array of online gaming solutions for iGaming content and platforms in highly regulated markets across the globe.

This Aggregating company has worldwide operations to offer remote gaming servers, platforms, and tools to operators of all ages and sizes.

Oryx “Bragg” boasts of their high-quality gaming content and exceptional library of titles and themes. They also BRAG about the cutting-edge technology used for next-level engagement. So, let’s see if they can put their money where their mouth is.

Bragg’s Cutting Edge Technology Solutions

Bragg Studios, once known as Oryx, offers easy integration packages for casino websites for seamless gameplay and flexible access anywhere legally allowed.

The aggregated gaming titles are top-of-the-line and come from the most reputable gaming developers on the planet. The products available through this company include more than 5,000 games with animation, sound quality, and features worth looking for.

The platforms developed by the professionals at Bragg Studio are highly sought-after tools and technology that are impressive to even the most experienced gaming companies.

How to Play Bragg Studio Games

Bragg uses modern cutting-edge technology to offer comprehensive solutions to their gaming needs. This includes top-tier content that is fully customizable and scalable, ensuring it is accessible to audiences everywhere.

You can play single integrated content for automatic access to proprietary through the Bragg HUB. You can also choose Bragg PAM, which is a channel that supports iCasino and sportsbook brands offering a large library of titles to single platforms.

Bragg RGS also offers HTML5 gaming technology which is the most popular option today, giving players access to their favorite games from mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Features and Bonuses Provided by Bragg Studios

What are the best features and bonuses you can find from any gaming solutions provider? In our opinion, it comes in the form of exclusive betting opportunities, large portfolios of impressive titles, and casino products that increase the player interaction and perfect player experience.

The Bragg team has gone above and beyond when it comes to offering the whole package in gaming aggregation. They provide customers with the ability to offer engaging tournaments, real-time leaderboards, missions, quests, leaderboards, and so much more.

What to Expect with Bragg Games

As mentioned, Bragg only deals with high-quality, reputable companies that offer unique game titles and exciting gameplay options. These games can be found on various popular casino company websites in countries all around the world.

The brand also ensures that its platforms are customizable to provide every player with a personalized experience.

Along with following gaming compliance and regulations based on jurisdiction, Bragg also provides crucial security software and programming to ensure the data and privacy of players is always safe. This is done throughout all types of operations, with preventative action taken from all payment transactions.

We find that Bragg Studio takes the customer’s experience and safety seriously, and this casino solutions company is an asset to the iGaming industry in more ways than one.

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