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Groove Gaming is a B2B company bringing top-quality online casino games to reputable casinos.

In 2016, a group of iGaming experts in Israel came together to create a company specially designed to offer a wide variety of casino slots, live dealer games, and other casino-based games to operators through easy integration software.

What Does Groove Gaming Offer?

Groove Gaming is a B2B business dedicated to producing services and software covering all mobile and online gaming devices to a wide range of providers in the iGaming industry.

This privately owned company is home to more than 5000 online casino titles from a large array of gaming development companies. With Groove Gaming’s API, providers are given access to more than 5000 games and games still in the making on one simple platform.

Along with easy access to a massive casino gaming library, they also provide fast integration of payment options, plugins, game content, and 3rd party software.

Groove Gaming Portfolio

Casino operators can get their hands on a multitude of games through Groove Gaming, including:

  • Live Dealers
  • Casino Games
  • Slots
  • Poker
  • Table Games

The games are all from quality, reputable, and expert development companies that specialize in designing casino games ideal for mobile and online gambling.

There are more than 5000 games through the site from 60-plus providers. These games are already going out to over fifty operators online, meaning you will see these games offered at an array of different casinos at any given time.

Groove Gaming Technologies

Groove Gaming has developed incredible and quality partnerships with some of the worlds most famous and distinguished game providers in order to provide casino games to operators of all types.

To make these games readily available, the company works with HTML5 technology to ensure every option is easily accessible across all device platforms.

The team at Groove Gaming only works with the latest technology, tools, and software out there in order to provide players with a fantastic experience, maximizing their excitement and gameplay no matter what option they decide to check out.

GroveOn is Groove Gaming’s multifunctioning back office that is easy to use and provides the platform with valuable features that are universal to most operators. Some of these features include:

  • Calculation of jackpot contributions
  • Game display section
  • Gaming transactions
  • Smart Dashboard
  • Detailed ROI reports
  • Financial Transaction
  • Bets
  • Gaming Revenue
  • RTP Analysis, and so much more.

Casino operators can choose from the games and titles they want to add to their libraries with more than 250 jackpot games, 30+ buy-in games, and more than 300 live games, adding additional entertainment to an already impressive selection.

Groove Gaming in the Present and Beyond

Groove Gaming is continually growing and becoming more noticeable in the online casino industry. Since the merger with Progressive Play the possibility of improvements in the iGaming industry is endless. With both companies excited about the collaboration, we can expect more high-quality, innovative, and exciting things to come in the near future.

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