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Microgaming has been in the pokie business now for many years, more than a decade in fact. Yet, this pokie creator never seems to run out of fun and captivating ideas when it comes to online casino games.

Beautiful Bones Slot

At first glance, the Beautiful Bones pokie machine seems very generic with 5 lines, an animated Day of the Dead theme, and your typical playing card symbols. However, it quickly picks up as you start spinning the reels, revealing unique gameplay, fantastic features, and ways to win a lucrative round.

Before passing up this game or before wager a significant amount of money, let us take a quick dive into the world of Beautiful Bones online pokie to get a better feel for what it is all about.

Jackpot Type Non-Progressive
Software Designer Microgaming
Date Released 2017
RTP 96.55%
Max Bet 30
Volatility Medium
Paylines 243
Reels 5
Features Free spins, scatter, wild, multiplier, re-spin

Beautiful Bones Gameplay

Once you choose Beautiful Bones from the list of options in your online casino library, prepare for an interesting, to say the least, adventure.

This game has 5 reels and 3 columns, providing punters an opportunity to win up to 243 different ways every spin. This means there is a high chance of winning great prizes, since you can create winning combos just about anywhere.

Beautiful Bones Pokie

Each reel is adorned with basic card symbols turned brightly colored, festive letters and numbers. Higher symbols come in the form of realistic, skull candy-inspired painted faces on detailed characters.

You will also find a wild symbol and a scatter symbol that are used to help keep the game moving fast and increase the punters’ chance of getting lucky.

  • Wild Symbol. The wild symbol is two roses on each side of a red heart.
  • Scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is a skull icon.

The maximum wager in this game is pretty significant compared to others we have seen of the same caliper at $30 a spin and the maximum payout sitting at 82000 coins.

Bonuses and Features

We can’t write a good review without discussing in great lengths the bonuses and features each pokie offers. These are the best ways to ensure you make a good lump sum of money by the time you’re done wagering.

In Beautiful Bones, there are two main bonus features, the res-pin feature, and the free spin bonus.

Free spin rounds

To activate the free spin rounds, punters must collect individual scatter symbols. Every time you land a skull scatter symbol a meter on the side of the page will fill up, once full (landing 10 skulls) the free round game starts.

Once you activate the free spin round, punters choose whether they want to grab 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier or attempt to grab up more skulls for the chance to score 15 free spins and a multiplier worth 4x your winnings.

Now, if you are super lucky and have the ability to collect 30 skulls in this round, you will win 18 free spins and a 5x multiplier. This is an impressive offer and one of the better ones we have seen in basic pokie machine games.

Re-spin Feature

In the re-spin features punters can re-spin the reels whenever a winning combo shows up in a vertical or horizontal line. To add to the value, the symbols that originally appeared in the line will transform into wild symbols.

Beautiful Bones Design, Graphics, and Platform

Microgaming is well-known for coming up with unique and out of the box ideas when it comes to their pokie themes.

In this Mexican Festival inspired game, you will be impressed by the detailed designs in the graphics as well as the fun and mood-setting sound quality playing in the background.

The colors are just as vibrant as ever and behind the reels is a party like setting complete with confetti, bright lights, and festive vibes. This isn’t your typical pokie style game, making it a fun way to mix up your game play.

If you plan on playing this game, you will be happy to know it is available just about anywhere you want to play. Whether you are a PC gamer or someone who prefers wagering from their phone, this pokie is available on all platforms and no download is needed. Just log onto your casino, select Beautiful Bones, and start winning right away.

RPT and Volatility Rating

Unlike many other simple style Microgaming pokies’ we have reviewed, this game has a decent RTP rating at 96.55%, giving the house a pretty good edge, but fair enough the player can earn some big bucks if they are patient enough.

This game scored a medium volatility rating thanks to the ability to wager low and still win decent prizes without having to wait around spin after spin.

What We Like and What We Don’t Like

Don’t get us wrong, this is a great game that has a ton of amazing features and plenty of ways to earn your wager back and more. However, there are some areas of the game that don’t sit right with us.

What we are stoked about:

  • Unique and impressive theme and graphics
  • 243 different ways to win in every spin
  • Action-packed, fast-paced game
  • Re-spin and free spin opportunities
  • Auto-play to make the game easier and less monotonous

What we weren’t impressed with:

  • The fun free spin round can be a challenge to activate
  • There is no progressive jackpot offered
  • Symbols could have been a bit more unique

Well, we can’t complain too much about such a great game with so many different ways to win, we can say it has room to improve.

Our Final Thoughts on the Beautiful Bones Pokie

This Day of the Dead, Mexican Festival inspired pokie, Beautiful Bones, is one of Microgaming’s most impressive online casino games. With 243 ways to win every time you spin the reels and the chance to earn re-spins and free spins, there is a good chance you will walk away with more money than what you had started with.

If you are interested in a pretty straightforward base game with a few twists and turns tossed in the mix, you should definitely give this one a try.

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